Monday, November 2, 2009

Which Republican should follow after Obama?

I am doing a new poll of which potential Republican nominee is best suited to follow after Obama and undo the damage. This is not which is the most electable, it is whom is the most talented in the areas that a President would need talent in 2012. Sarah Palin is not included as a nominee because she does not have enough experience in government to take over after Obama. I am not saying that she can never have a future in politics, just not in this individual poll. There may be other more electable and likable candidates, but I would like to narrow the focus to the people who ran last time in the leadership.

The choices are:

Rudy Giuliani - I have been on the Rudy bandwagon since "broken windows". I supported him for President in 2008, and I continue to support him in 2012.

Mitt Romney - Mormon, but perhaps the best candidate from a fiscal perspective.

Mike Huckabee - Is likely the only reason McCain won the nomination.

Ron Paul - The Libertarian made noise.


  1. Ron Paul is the only true conservative Republican, the way the party is fighting interanlly who knows what will come out of the melee? Hopefdully another party with true conservative values.

  2. I don't do "none of the above" in my polls.