Monday, November 2, 2009

Pneumonia V Swine Flu

This being International Pneumonia Day, I thought that I would statistically compare mortality risk with the number one viral killer of children in the world against the "sexier" pig flu that elicits all the TV time. Not once in the 3 hours that I spent watching CBC Newsworld today did I see a story about Pneumonia Day, about deaths and prevention. They were so pre-occupied with H1N1 that they hardly had the chance to break away to Pneumonia.

Two million children die every year from Pneumonia. The WHO estimates that nearly 5000 people have died from the swine flu this year. Let's assume that 60% of swine flu deaths are children (which is a guess, but even if it were 100% the final analysis is virtually unchanged) then 3000 children would have been claimed by H1N1 in the past year. 3,000 versus 2,000,000. For each child who has died from the pig flu, 667 have died from Pneumonia. Across the Planet, a child dies from swine flu about every two hours, and a child dies from Pneumonia every 15 seconds. See how many times you can count to 15 in two hours. One illness gets all the attention on my national broadcaster, and the other is virtually ignored.

If you have lost a loved one to H1N1 I am sorry for your loss, but on the risk of mortality scale the virus is very low on the list. There is no probable cause for Liberal induced mass hysteria. How many children have died in the past year in the world in motor vehicle collisions?


  1. 'There is no probable cause for Liberal induced mass hysteria.'


    They put Bob Rae out in front of the 'Harper is killin' you' parade,
    because he is their silver tongued devil.

    Everyone's life has been touched by death of a loved one, young and old.
    Canadians are reasonable,
    and Libs are not doing themselves any good with this fear mongering.

  2. The Canadian pandemic plan; which resulted after SARS, will have to be over-hauled by this Conservative Government.

    I do sympathize with all governments, this is a real-time pandemic and the Chretien era plan does have some flaws; Even the Liberals are opposing the Liberal plan.


  3. The Liberals have not been doing good for years, this latest example is just another case to be made why they are unfit to govern.

    The problems are deep: not just an overall slide from their fall election rush, but a loss in traditional bases of women and ethnic voters. In Quebec, where being the main federalist option can win more seats, they're neck and neck with the Tories again.- Campbell Clark Globe & Mail

    The Liberal opposition, instead of creating a political alternative, is again engaged in mudslinging, hoping to get back into power by convincing the electorate that the government is bad and by making promises they know they will not keep.-sourced Toronto Star Angelo Perschilli