Saturday, October 31, 2009

Donolo; mirage or messiah?

I remember as a child trying to wrap my brain around the concept of a mirage. That when people are wandering through the desert, they can see something on the horizon that is not real. "How can they see it if it is not there"? They will see an Oasis in the ocean of sand and heat, when infact nothing is there. Judging by the overreaction of many Liberal opinionists to the Donolo hiring, they are crawling through the desert dying of thirst and they see a figure on the horizon who they believe will save them, and Donolo is his name-O. I think one kook even suggested that Superman would "wear Donolo pajamas". Sure, the man of steel would look to a former communication director as a role model? That tells you something.

I would like to know a little more "inside baseball" on what exactly Donolo did during his tenure in the Chretien administration. There has to be at least a few black eyes. Trust me, he was not exiled to the land of the pollster to work on his fastball. Honestly I had no idea who this man was until a few days ago, but out of the gate there doesn't seem to be nearly as much substance as the left wing cheerleaders are screaming. I have been watching the Liberals crawl across the arid desert believing that a pile of sand is a luscious oasis. Sitting in my shaded seat, well hydrated, with a first and goal on the opponent's 6 yard line. I feel pretty good right now.


  1. Blogger Jeff Jedras' sarcastic quote you are referring to (pyjamas) is here.
    It made me snort out my Diet Pepsi when I read it!

  2. Yes, it certainly makes you wonder why they weren't all pleading for him to return beforehand, doesn't it!

    He wasn't even on the radar screen was he! Then suddenly, after hearing about their new Grand Poobah, they all slapped themselves on the forehead and said "Duh, why didn't I think of this sooner".

    The thirst for power, prestige, and lots of big bills in plain brown paper bags has make these liberals and journalists become an awful desperate crew.

  3. I would say a anchor, too many questions about the sponsorship scandal he brings with him.

  4. Polsters like attack ads to move the numbers,
    that will be the first order of business.

    Then it will be the puppeteer and the marionette.
    All stage and script, no Iffy 'thinking thoughts'.

    Donolo can change the narrative,
    but he can't make a man out of a wooden boy.

  5. Ha,ha 'HS'!
    "I think one kook even suggested that Superman would "wear Donolo pajamas". Sure, the man of steel would look to a former communication director as a role model?"

    My 6wk old grandson wore a Superman costume tonight so that just tells you,

    Anyone, big or small, can be a Superman....

    and then there are those...that will FAKE IT TILL THEY MAKE IT......

  6. Donolo didn't impress me with his polling analysis. Compared to Nick Nanos, Donolo was lacking in objectivity, and now the reason for that is clear. I don't see him as insightful nor particularly sharp.

  7. In one of the 'great ones' analysis', Donolo said that PMSH has damaged the CPC in Quebec, beyond repair,
    because he attacked the separatists over the coalition of losers.

    ha. wrong.