Saturday, November 7, 2009

Abandon Afghanistan?

I feel terrible when I see that a Canadian soldier has been killed in the line of duty, but I remain steadfast in my support of the mission in Afghanistan. That remains the front line in the war against the loons who attacked the western world on 9/11, the lunatics who attacked London, Madrid, and Bali. How is Canadian public opinion shifting towards withdrawal from A-Stan? Where does the Taliban end and Al Qaeda begin? The militants that my Canadian soldiers are shooting at are the real bad guys on this Planet Earth. How does it benefit us to cede a country like Afghanistan to the nuts who declared war on the western world?

The Canadian left overwhelmingly advocates a mass reconstruction in lieu of a military mission. Do we really want to pull troops out of a war zone and send in contractors in their stead? I don't think so, and I would love to know what Chris Alexander has to say on this matter. My vote is to stay in Afghanistan until we win the game. If we need to extend the rules of engagement and perhaps assist Pakistan in Waziristan, then let's get permission. Does Obama have enough International good will in the Muslim world to secure a better military treaty with Pakistan? I hope so.


  1. When the idiot left controls the country the right decision is never made.

  2. We can't keep doing this. The original intent of the mission, to bring the security of America/the west about by ending Al-Quaeda, has been perverted by a stupid mission to 'help' Afghans with democracy and whole bunch of reconstruction crap that isn't helping. We don't need to help them, we need to help ourselves. I don't regret PMSH's pledge to end the mission in 2011, especially with the indecision at the White House under W and B.O.