Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sideshow Bob Rae Kills Chretien Comeback

Today on CTV Bob Rae soundly quashed any notion of a possible Jean Chretien return to Liberal leadership. It was the first question that Craig Oliver asked him, and the response was a very quick "no, next question." According to Bob this rumour is absurd, and Jim Traverse had to be making the whole thing up. No Liberal would seriously consider Chretien's return, therefore whoever Traverse's sources were, they had to be playing him for a fool. A bad April Fools joke two months too late? Either Jim got bad information, or he just fabricated it to get some clicks on a slow news day.

Too bad, it was fun to joke about Jean's return to politics. As a Conservative writer, I was excited about the possibility of the architect of the Sponsorship Program to take back control of the steering wheel. Jim Traverse is either losing his mind or is really gullible, according to Bob Rae. Granted if there is some truth to what Traverse wrote, then I understand why Bob Rae is so fast to quash the notion of a Chretien comeback as being ridiculous; because he wants to be the leader. The more competition that there is, the lower Bob’s probability of rising to power. It makes sense. If Traverse is right, then Bobby might very well be afraid. Jean is a winner, at least in the lonely eyes of the Liberal rank and file.


  1. Choker John Christian Adscam and Boob "body bag" Rae his deputy - the worst of everything. I hope so for the sake of the stupid Liberal party and their brain-dead supporters in Metro Toronto. Can you say Conservative majority government?

  2. Loyal Tory said... Can you say Conservative majority government?

    I can say Conservative Majority Government and probably an NDP official opposition.

  3. I love a good Liberal train wreak.

  4. The fact of the matter is that you can't believe a bloody word that comes out of the mouths of these buffoons.

    The media, the Liberals and the NDP can be described as the voice of the Toronto Establishment, and they're also wall to wall liars.

    These same bad actors have had the Canadian economy rigged to their benefit ever since forever and it's starting to come undone.