Saturday, June 5, 2010

Obama, Unleash The Fury!

Barack Obama has bungled this oil spill as bad or worse as the Bush administration screwed up after Hurricane Katrina. But that's okay, because Obama is furious! Obama and the oil spill remind me of Tom Green feeding the snake in the movie Road Trip. Tom Green symbolizes Obama, the snake is BP, and the mouse is the oil spill. Obama has been taking a lot of criticism for his lack of effort in containing the spill, and he is trying to convince everyone that he is really pissed off, and that makes everything okay. All the world's problems can be solved with hypnotic speeches, provided that he has his teleprompters. I still remember the time I saw him address school children with the aid of his teleprompters.

The difference between Katrina and this oil spill is that the oil has contaminated thousands, if not millions of square miles of ocean habitat, and will affect millions of Americans for a generation. I think it is time that we choose a nickname for this catastrophe and Barak's response. All people have to do is say "Katrina" and it immediately elicits a poor memory of George Bush. Obama's chances at a second term are as contaminated as Louisiana marsh land.


  1. Rush Limbaugh calls it Obama's Bay of Rigs.

  2. The tar sticks.... can't get it off