Monday, June 21, 2010

Does Stephen Harper Need a Majority?

Today on the Tom Clark Show a panel of reporters was musing that Stephen Harper's leadership of the Conservative Party has been a failure because he has not won a majority, and the lady from the Red Star said boldly that if the Tories don't win a majority in the next election Mr. Harper will be finished as leader. Ergo, if he wins another minority he will be ousted by Jason Kenney. Personally I thought the whole exchange was just a bunch of left wingers day dreaming about the ouster of a very skilled political opponent. This talk started last election, where pundits said it was majority or bust for the Prime Minister, which turned out to be little more than wishful thinking. I remember one of my NDP friends trying to convince me that the Conservatives actually lost the 2008 election because they didn’t win a majority.

What the panel failed to mention is that since the creation of the Bloc Quebecois, the probability of winning a majority in any election by any party has been significantly diminished. Chretien only accomplished his majorities because the Conservative Party was split in two. JC only beat the sum of the PC + Alliance vote by 3% in his last victory in 2000, but won 94 more seats. This theory being passed around that anything but a majority is a failure is flawed. As a country we are looking at high probabilities of minority governments every election going forward. As a Tory blogger, if there is a fall election and we win another minority, I will not be demanding Stephen Harper's resignation. I think he is a fantastic Prime Minister and our country is fortunate to have him.


  1. Tom Clark is unhappy because the PM won't tune to watch Canadian news.

    The reporters are unhappy because Canadians are not buying the BS being spewed about the scandal au jour.

    The Toronto-Montreal (Parliament Press Gallery) are out of touch with reality.

    We briefly woke up during the coup attempt by three stooges.

    We will punish the rest at the next ballot. Canadians are much smarter than politicians and the news media that pretend to discuss important issues.

  2. I watched the same segment, I also watched the segment about Pittsburgh and what the summit did for them. The guest repeatedly said that the summit put Pittsburgh on the map. Pittsburgh businesses flourished after the summit, locally and abroad. Tom Clark never mentioned anything about that in today's segment. What a wiener he is, steering and spinning his own show to go against the PM.

  3. The Bloc is most certainly the issue and the editorialists, posing as journalists are indeed out of touch with everything Canadian, other than their little CC box.

    I despise the Bloc, not just a little bit but a intense and profound hate-on. They have systematically destroyed the fabric of this country and it is time they go or be gone, period.

    As for the yapping by the Toronto Star bimbette, NO WAY!
    In the Conservative Party, we tell them what will happen and in fact we ELECT our leader.

    I can visualize Jason and Stephen having a cold beer getting a good chuckle over that one!

  4. No Majority means we lose the election to the coalition. Doubting a coalition will happen only increases the likelihood of it happening. Hence the reason for the Red Star girl to float a stupid rumor like that on TV. She knows how our party works, but spews crap to those who don't. TV gives this aura of believability to those who appear on it. This is why the left wing media is so poisonous.

  5. LMAO, just watched that segment. Best part was when the journalist said they could not even get people to talk of the record on a leadership change.

    For one jason Kenny is really tight with the PM. another thing this is just pure dreaming by these hacks. Even if people wanted to force PM Harper out it would be next to impossible with the control the PM has over the party apparatus.

    Just more useless talk from a couple useless PPG hacks..

  6. PM Steven Harper does not need a majority to beat this bunch of clowns that call themselves opposition.What opposition,a bunch of idiot,s that in 4 plus years cannot cobble together 1 policy that is good for Canada.The blockheads don,t count,so just as long as the Conservatives have one more seat than the idiot Liberal,s and NDP,they will be the Government.A majority would be nice,but not necessary.

  7. Harper is the best Prime Minister that we have ever had in my lifetime, especially when it comes to foreign policy. I am a senior so it has been a long long time.

    It is a fools game to credit or discredit the economy based on who was in power during a downturn in the economy. Mulroney was in power during a downturn at the peak of our indebtedness. He started the GST to pay down our debt. Chretien swore that he would cancel the GST when he was elected, he didn't. Fortunately Martin carried on that debt reduction as planned by Mulroney through surpluses in boom times . He was supported in opposition by the Reform Party on that issue.

    Now that Harper and The new Conservative Party have shown their competence, the party is attracting some very very good candidates that will contest the next election when it comes. Some of these new candidates are clearly cabinet material. The quality of the candidates is improving across the board.

    If Quebec wishes to be part of the government it would be best that they get on board by voting Conservative. My Canada includes Quebec as an equal. Quebec needs to be part of the even stronger new Conservative Party. They will soon be elected as a majority with or without Quebec voters. And with or without some of the the Main Stream Media dinosaurs.

  8. This is all wishful thinking on the part of Tonda, based on next to nothing. One thing is for sure, no matter what happens after the next election, PM Harper will do what is best for the Party. This is in stark contrast to Chretien, who Stephen LeDrew recently said "didn't give a damn about the Liberal Party".

  9. Lefties trying to tell us Conservatives what we are going to do?? That's rich. Maybe they should be focusing on the coalition of losers instead.

  10. If winning close elections, while increasing the seat count every time out, is seen as failure, what does that say for people like Layton and Duceppe who can't even muster official opposition, let alone a minority win? What about May not being able to win a single seat? If Harper is even remotely on the hot seat, then those other leaders should already be toast then, right?

  11. I won't be calling for PM Harper's resignation over inability to win a majority, after all, a win's a win. We always set the bar higher for our enemies than for our friends, and a panel of smug reporters is no different.

  12. Bec - good point. Conservatives elect their party leaders in a national leadership contest and hold conventions where ideas and policy are discussed. Liberals appoint and anoit leaders because its their divine right. Remove the political subsidy and the Libs are toast - as in burnt. Cheers. FernStAlbert