Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Vacation

I am curious to know if many people have plans for a summer vacation, and if so where is the most popular tourist destination for Canadians these days? I will not be going anywhere because Vancouver is beautiful in the summer and golf consumes the majority of my recreation budget. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why Canadians would want to wait until the summer to leave the country, since the summer is the best time to enjoy Canada! If I had to guess what is the most popular tourist destination in Canada it would probably be people visiting their own cottages or renting them. There is nothing quite as relaxing as a summer retreat to the lake, be that lake real or fake.

I did a Google search for top Canadian tourist destinations. If I were going to make this into a webpoll, some of my nominees would be:

1) Banff National Park
2) Niagara Falls
3) Bay of Fundy
4) The Muskokas
5) Whistler
6) Canada's Wonderland
7) The Forks (Winnipeg)


  1. The Laurentians - fabulous French cuisine
    Quebec City
    Vancouver Island
    Calgary Stampede
    Shushwap Lake

  2. Kelowna! Right in your back yard. Lovely weather and great lakes, don't forget the fruit trees.

  3. Returning to Canada for a three week vacation, Vancouver (land there so can't avoid it...), highway 99 to highway 97 with a stop in Whistler( She Who Must Be Obeyed demands it, I could live with out it...), then up to Prince George (my home town and the 4th most dangerous city in Canada according to MacLeans magazine) to kill some trout and a few beers, down to the Okanogan to visit friends, taste wine (well SWMBO will taste wines, I stick with beer), and back to Van to catch the plane back to my present residence the beer mecca of the world.