Friday, June 11, 2010

Duceppe Brings Separation Agenda Abroad

Okay, I think we are nearing the point where we can start to openly ask the question; is Gilles Duceppe losing his mind? It seems that ever since he was shot down for the leadership of the Parti Quebecois, he has been slowly slipping into a delusional alternate reality. There was his proclamation that the separatist movement is comparable to the French resistance in Nazi Germany, and then he went on a cross country tour trying to promote sovereignty across Canada; as though his ultimate goal becomes more likely promoting Quebec independence in Saskatchewan.

Now he has written a letter that has been dispatched across the planet, telling international dignitaries that separation is inevitable. The PQ is going to overthrow Charest any day now, and soon after that, referendum. Seriously? The confusing part is what he hopes to accomplish. If he wants to separate, he has to convince the people of Quebec, not the people of Indonesia. Does he think that telling foreign countries that it is inevitable; he is going to sway voters at home? His cross country tour was one of the dumbest ideas I have seen in Canadian politics in a long time. All I can figure is that he expected to be treated poorly at some of his stops, and was hoping to rile up sympathy and anger at home.

It will be a slippery slope for Ignatieff to be sure if he tries to create a coalition that includes the Bloc. No matter how he spins, that will not be palatable outside Quebec.


  1. Lets not give quebec the opportunity to separate. Let vote them out of Canada first.

    Rob C

  2. Bring out 2 little white jackets, Chretien has lost his mind too!
    CTV says there is a stop Chretien movement because he just won't quit pushing for a merger with the socialists.

  3. I think it time for Duceppe to be hung, ahh, retire.

  4. What can we in the ROC do to help Mr, Duceppe get his wish?

  5. The Separatists are in trouble in Quebec.

    The have lost support for years and don not hold 50% of popular support.

    In 2008 they only won 38.1% of support but won 65% of the seats through first past the post in many rural ridings.

    The xenophobic separatists have been effective using language laws as a tool to weaken minority rights.

    Plan B is they are losing support in Quebec for a separate country so they are busy trying to piss off the ROC.

    It is working. Ottawa needs to reduce the equalization payouts, regional payouts to encourage each province to become fiscally responsible.

    Ontario voters needs to get on board with the Western provinces and stop sending socialist to Ottawa.

  6. The BLOC has lost it's ability to 'bring home the bacon' for Quebecers.

    Quebecers have done that to themselves by voting in so few federalist MPs for so many years.
    All the BLOC can do is howl from the sidelines, largely ignored by a Conservative government while Liberals, their best buddies, sit in opposition.

    And how about those coalition talks!
    Every pundit and 'Liberal source' insist that NO BLOC, no no no.
    That's gonna hurt come election time.

    So Ducey is back doing what the BLOC does, try to destablize Canada,
    with the world coming to the G8-20, he sets up his soap box.

    Duceppes threats of separation have become old, just like he has.

  7. Bad timing for Duceppe to announce this at the beginning of tourist season.

    Quebec will suffer with lost tourism dollars from the rest of Canada with this separatist talk.

  8. I wasn't aware Duceppe had compared the ROC to the NAZIS. Where can I apply for my Schmeisser?

    During the Great Referendum, on whether Quebec should leave or we continue kissing their French butts, the Federal Government issued a stern warning that was typical of the Liberal attitude to our freedom,that anyone who made a provocative statement or did anything to upset Quebecers would be harshly punished.

    A few of us thought it might be a good idea to burn a Quebec flag, and call in the Press, but fortunately, one of us had the sense to call the local RCMP just to feel out their response to such an action.

    The officer said that anyone who pulled a stunt like that would be arrested and charged with Mischief. "Mischief" sounds trivial, but the maximum sentence for it is 14 years in prison!

    We decided it wasn't such a good idea after all, and the Referendum proved beyond all doubt that Quebecers were loyal to Canada, by a margin of less than one percent.

    The politicians and Press love to use the analogy of Canada/Quebec as a "marriage", and I must say, if my spouse was as abusive to me as Quebec is to the ROC, I'd have been single long ago.


  9. I have always said to qualify be a good separatist you have to be a immense hypocrite.Here is a person getting his paycheck from the Feds and trying to breakup the country,nothing like biting the hand that feeds you!
    People from around the world dream of having a country like Canada,some people even risk their lives trying to get into this country and Duceppe wants to leave,what does he think Quebec is going to be an utopia if it separates
    I don,t see masses of people in Quebec in the streets calling for independence from this terrible country called Canada,until we do I think Gilles Duceppe should take a slow boat to any third world country and start his building of his nation there

  10. To Powell Lucas: Get a few friends together and get shown on TV stamping all over the Queerbec flag.