Sunday, June 13, 2010

Liberal Ads; Weekend's Big Newsmaker

You have to wonder why the Liberal Party would even spend the money to make new ads in a non election period when they as a party can scarcely afford to air them on television. They are best to save their money until a campaign period and do a full blitz prior to an election instead of doing them between elections. That being said, just because they can't afford to buy TV time, that doesn't mean that they won't get TV time; as CBC Newsworld and CTV News Channel run the ads all day for free under the guise of a major news story. Of all the things happening in the world right now, what Canadians really need on our 24 hour TV news is 100 repetitions of a lame campaign commercial.

$57,000 for an artificial reflection pool at a major international conference. If that supposed to be adequate justification for collapsing the government? The reason that the Liberals are targeting this non-issue is not because it is all they've got, but because they know that a significant proportion of the Tory base would prefer not to host international summits, and they think they can make a dent in Tory support. Their problem is that they have been going bananas on virtually every issue for partisan gains, actions which have diminishing marginal returns.

Remember when Bob Rae went on the Soloman Show and told the audience that people would die of pig flu and it would be the government's fault? Turns out the swine flu wasn't as big a deal as Bobby made it out to be. Remember Bobby protesting prorogation in the streets of Canada, when he as Premier of Ontario prorogued almost every year during a period of extended economic crisis? The more they cry wolf, the less the town folk respond to the cries.


  1. the ads aren't even that good ( poor graphics and little to get anyone excited when you see them ) and canadians view Ottawa as the golden goose anyways that has more money than it knows what to do with . so spending $ 2 million to promote tourism isn't really a big deal . the liberals really have no issues at all and there is no reason at all to believe the G8 / G20 cost less if the coalition was in power instead .

  2. It's never easy trying to figure out why the Liberals do what they do. In the case of this ad, I'm sure they are going to hit up their donors, asking for money to run the ads. Plus, the Libs have to show their donors that they are making use of past donations, and not just hoarding the money for the eventual general election campaign.

  3. Maybe the war room is trying to justify its existence.

  4. What I can't understand is why the Liberals didn't just superimpose the same woodlot outside Toronto that Iggy used to push his green initiative. You know, the one that was supposed to be a real wilderness setting.If they had Photo-Shopped it into the background of the fake lake it would have had a greater impact.