Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reason to Watch the World Cup of Soccer

One reason that I will be paying at least some attention to the upcoming World Cup of Soccer is to watch North Korea get trounced and embarrassed on the world's largest stage. I'm not sure how it possible that they qualified, but nonetheless they will be participating. I wonder if Kim Jong Ill will make the trip? Some of my friends are really into this tournament, so I have decided to pick a favourite team and at the very least follow what happens.

Scotland is not in the tournament, and I refuse the cheer for England. I am one quarter German, but after the World Wars it feels strange cheering for the Krauts even if we share a common ancestry. I will cheer for the United States even though they have a much smaller probability of winning than does Germany. I think it would be awesome to see the USA stick it to Europe.


  1. I'm with you-will be supporting the USA


  2. Ice, your poll is reminiscent of a Liberal poll!
    There's NO possibility of voting for the underdog here.

    Yep, a definite "slant" to this poll! Mr.Ekos is envious.

    I vote North Korea. I hope they win,and the whole world gets to meet President Kim as he accepts the trophy.

    NK reminds me of the Jamaican Bobsled team, except they aren't nearly as charming,and I doubt a movie will be made of their efforts, but UNDERDOGS they most certainly ARE!


  3. I will probably just cheer for the winners: Brazil.