Saturday, June 12, 2010

USA vs England

Today I am going to my friend’s house to watch a soccer game, which is the first time I have made any effort to watch soccer. I will be cheering for the United States, while my friend will be cheering for the Brits. English soccer fans get on my nerves, and I know how devastated many of them will be to lose to the Americans. Personally I think hockey is a far more entertaining sport, requiring more specific skills at a higher rate of speed. Soccer requires a lot of endurance, but you need to learn an entirely new mode of transportation before you can play ice hockey.

I would enjoy soccer a lot more if it allowed body contact and fights.


  1. Like the Winter Olympics, the World Cup only comes around every four years. While I am not a hockey fan, I have no problem with the country getting excited over the Olympic matches. It brings joy to a vast swath of the population, and that's fine by me. So why is that so many Canadian have to try and justify their 'national identity' through the exercise of reverse snobbery against soccer?

    No one is forcing you to watch the World Cup, so kindly climb down from the cross: it's not designed as a two-seater.

  2. I hate comparing sports, especially since I don't play any sport at a high level. I think a soccer fan's response to your last statement would be that most hockey players just wouldn't have the endurance or the speed (its a lot easier to skate across a rink than run across a field) to last in a soccer game. I think they would also say that soccer has plenty of body contact, you just won't see it on T.V. Finally, I think if we want to talk about a tough sport, its gotta be cricket. LOL

  3. I also cheered for our Yank cousins. The Limeys are obsessed by soccer, but they never seem to win at it, in fact they rarely seem to win at anything. The Limeys have no "grit". The Yanks are the model to follow, they would seem to give their heart and soul to win at anything they attempt ... and that's the true human spirit. Too bar beer bottle throwing is not an official sport ... the Limes would accel at that.