Monday, June 14, 2010

Who Should Host FNN Flagship Politics Program?

I have read some rumours that Ezra Levant is being courted to host the fledgling center-right Canadian news network's flagship politics program to compete with Soloman and Clark. Ezra is certainly not my first choice for the coveted slot. While I do frequently agree with Ezra's opinion and I'm glad he's on my team; he can become really nutty when he gets worked up and is best taken in small doses. For my money, the perfect host would be Charles Adler. How much money would it take to lure Adler out of radio? Roy Green would also make an excellent selection, as would Rex Murphy if they could poach him from the CBC. Though I'm not sure Rex is even interested in hosting a daily show.

Possible nominees for host of the "Real" Power and Politics on soon to be released webpoll:

Charles Adler
Roy Green
Dave Rutherford
Mark Steyn
Rex Murphy
Andrew Coyne
Lowell Green
Ezra Levant
Michael Coren
Steve Paikin

Some of my past polling on this subject is included below.


Mark Steyn (43%)
Charles Adler (39%)
Rex Murphy (14%)
Evan Soloman (1%)
Rosemary Barton (0%)


Rex Murphy (67%)
Don Cherry (17%)
Amanda Lang (10%)
Rick Mercer (2%)
Peter Mansbridge (0%)
Susan Bonner (0%)
Evan Soloman (0%)


Charles Adler Show (58%)
Rex Murphy's Point of View/Cross Country Checkup (48%)
Roy Green Show (34%)
Michael Coren Show (34%)
Dave Rutherford Show (34%)
CBC: At Issue Panel (18%)
Tom Clarke's Power Play (18%)
CTV's Question Period (15%)
Rick Mercer Report (9%)
Evan Soloman Show (8%)


  1. What about the Daily Split commentator on

  2. I am so looking forward to this new channel. I hope it will be up and running before the next federal election.

    Alberta Bob

  3. Ezra as a host would be entirely different than Ezra as a pundit. He is more than capable of putting on that hat and I've seen him do it.

    I would never watch Andrew Coyne although I respect him as a good journalist, he is definately a red Liberal, imo.

    The idea of Adler in that role, is a wow moment and would be a dream come true but as well, I would miss him on talk radio.

    We need some great FEMALE journalists on that list and there is one from Edmonton on Corus as well as Winnipeg that I have heard but do not remember their names. I think Margaret Wente may be fun...Christie Blanchford.... a few from NP...

  4. I know he isn't a 'Conservative', but I would like to see Beryl Wajsman. He really cares about the little guy and never backs down for a cause.

  5. Get Mike Duffy to resign his seat in the senate and take over. He certainly knows the ins and outs of the system.

  6. I would go with a dark horse. Rob Breakenridge from QR77 would be ideal for the job.

    He is one of the most intelligent and underrated media personalities in this country and his libertarian streak would fit the format.

    He is as good as or better then Steve Paiken on questioning skills and a grasp of the issue at hand. I can't tell you how many times I've heard an expert he was interviewing respond with, " That's a really good question" and then go on to give an in depth and informative answer. The guy obviously does his work and gets himself informed on a broad range of issues.

    Then again Rob might be too smart for this gig.


  7. I enjoy Michael Coren but he is not really a Conservative. Granted he is a social conservative. He would just annoy the main stream because people just do not understand his faith based point of view. That is why I enjoy him because the faith that he espouses is how my strict father raised me. I have been questioning that viewpoint all my life. Strangely most Torontonians of that particular faith heritage have voted Liberal all their lives because that is what The Toronto Daily Star told them to do. Also that paper gained prominence by championing immigrants from Ireland who held that faith. Of course the Torstar Inc. no longer has any kind of faith.

  8. How about Carole Taylor from Vancouver, she is unemployed at present, I think, and has CBC experience.

  9. Bec,

    Beck does both radio and TV on FOX (that's Glenn Beck). I also believe Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly do the same so I can't see why Alder can't do both TV and radio.

  10. I hope this new channel is available on XM satellite radio like Fox.On the prairies we have long distances to drive and the satellite radio comes through clear as a bell. Our favourite is Fox and golf channel.

  11. I really like Carole Taylor too.
    She has alot of experience, Carole used to have her own show, The Carole Taylor Show...and always is the voice of reason on any panel.

    First choice is Charles Adler.

    But don't forget about coverage of Quebec.
    Quebec media ignore conservative news and that has to change.
    André Arthur must be a regular guest!
    He hosts radio and tv shows now.

  12. I vote for Marcia MacMillan from CTV news.

  13. Steve Paikin. Precisely because he's non-polarizing and can civilly play devils advocate from just about any angle while getting people to think while challenging their thought process. He comes of as an actual political news person rather than a from a sports news show. More reserved.

    If you want to draw in people without immediately alienating everyone else or have a host who essentially just preaches to the choir.

    He is mild mannered, tactful and not going to turn people off or start spouting talking points in a dogmatic fashion just to tell people what they want to hear.

    People like his demeanor. He's an excellent moderator. It would be preferable to snatch him away from TVO now that the Liberals have been in this long and ruined it thoroughly.

    I noticed in recent years that he doesn't challenge or confront the left wingers to the extent that he obviously could and is clearly holding back. Likely since he would lose his job.

    I used to watch The Agenda often but over the last few years its gotten steadily worse in both topics and guests.

    I didn't think he did much good attempting to moderate the children of the opposition during the 2008 federal election. Which was more of an anti-conservative round circle "discussion"/snake pit.

  14. forgot to add:

    Steve Paikin makes a pathetic mockery of an Ignatieff crony's crude attempt to censor TVO

    The article corrects my last comment on several points but it is clear enough to see that Paikin would be a good pick.

    Oh, and I voted twice on this web poll since it didn't sign me in earlier. So thats 2 from me for Paikin. Count it as my Wife's. :p