Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Replace Iggy: "If it’s doable, let's do it!"

It is going to be an interesting summer for Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff as he attends many a Liberal BBQ trying to convince the rank and file that he's the man. You can easily see "Replace Iggy: If it’s doable, let's do it!" becoming the new bumper sticker sensation for Team Rae (of which Kinsella may or may not be a member). Tonight Rosemary Barton introduced the idea that Kinsella's affidavits might be part of an orchestrated campaign to replace Ignatieff. Evan Soloman even held up the two affidavits and said "how do we know this is it?" That there could in fact be a lot more Liberals making statements like this, and the weaker Iggy becomes, the louder they will be.

Tonight's poll question, do you think Iggy will last the summer as leader? How can Bob Rae legally replace him without an election? If you merge the parties you pretty much have to vote on a new leader. Is there a way of Rae to force some kind of leadership review? How many Liberals wish that their little gala Iggy coronation last spring in Vancouver was in fact a leadership convention. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20, even if Liberal foresight is legally blind.


  1. This IMO is the final showdown between the JC camp and the PM camp and the WMDs are comin out!

  2. of the entire post, the last line sums up the policies of the past 40 years for the liberals.


  3. No!

    I want to see those eyebrows in action in those debates.

    Iffy for leader of the Junta in 2010!

  4. The only way he will be gone is a reflective walk along the shore of the Ottawa River or in Provence, with his arm twisted behind his back by Liebrano thugs. I think there are enough Libs who are willing to see him go through an election, while building a case for candidates other than Rae. The BBQ circuit is not going to be on for a merger nor for a Bob Rae coronation. I doubt whether they will sell their soul to the communists before an election. Otherwise, Iggy will be around. I think the whole point of this circus (besides in-fighting) is to try to "normalize" the idea of a coalition, which will be presented on a post-election budget motion.