Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spending In The Muskokas

The riding that will be playing host to the G8 meeting has received a disproportionate amount of infrastructure spending. The internal memo to Liberals; start ringing Hell's Bells and prepare the standard scripted outraged response! This session of parliament is almost at its end, but there is still some time for the opposition to cry foul in the House of Commons. Like many things that outrage the current crop of lefties, I don't understand what the fuss is about. It is perfectly logical to spend extra money above standard appropriations to a riding preparing to host a major international conference.

Should Nipissing and Muskoka receive the exact same amount in parliamentary spending when one is hosting the G8 and one is not? Moving to the G20, I see where the leftards are now planning a “walk out” into the streets to attempt to gridlock the city and cause disarray on the first day of that summit in our nation’s largest city. They will attempt to make their point by inconveniencing the general public. It reminds me of the anarchists who think that smashing windows will help convince the public that anarchy is necessary. I don’t think a “scorched Toronto” strategy is going to win hearts and minds, but that's just my opinion.


  1. It's an amazing thing that virtual anarchy will exist in one of our major cities and if the opposition can gain 1% political gain from it, they will fan the flames.

    The concern is only for their own ends. Concern for the people that they represent is a far second.

  2. I have real problems with Sid Ryan and other so-called peaceful demonstrators at the upcoming G-8 and G-20 summit meetings. They are FULLY aware that some demonstrators are arriving with the idea that they need to provoke violence to get any kind of international notice.

    Given that Sid Ryan et al are aware of this intended provocation they would surely be complicit in the disruption that occurs. If there is any disturbance of the peace, Sid Ryan should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law can provide; for being an accessory to the violence or any deaths resulting. Sadly all the consequences will be paid for by the taxpayer and the legitimate businesses affected rather than the REAL culprits.

    Of course the police and the Liberal Provincial Crown Attorneys will play politics on this and leave the extensive bill to the taxpayers and to the legitimate businesses caught in the crossfire.

    They have already cost me and the rest of us taxpayers considerable money. IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL. Free expression isn't monetarily free Mr. Ryan. You have plenty of venues where you can vent your communist spleen without us footing the bill. I see you on TV and in the newspapers almost weekly.