Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hiring Liberals For Sun TV

Are there any Liberal opinionists that you think should be hired by Sun TV? The question was put to Kory Teneycke today, but he can't exactly speculate on specifically who could be hired to appear on the evening opinion shows. Or do you want these shows to be "a bunch of Conservatives sitting at a table agreeing with each other"? Most of the left wing people on the other networks seldom declare their political bias even though it is painfully obvious in their published work.

My question to you is who would you like to see the other side's perspective represented at the table in the new opinion shows? If yes, do you have any suggestions? Maybe Warren Kinsella? Chantal Hebert? You don't have to like them, but I would personally prefer to watch my opinion makers debating the opposing positions with a person who represents that point of view. You have to give the CBC credit for ever hiring Kory Teneycke, even if that deed was offset by the hiring of Scott Reid.

Let's hear some ideas. Who is out there that you think should be Sun TV's Allan Combs?


  1. Any Liberal would do, Taber, Travers etc as long as they are challanged when ever they spout their retorical nonsense.

  2. Both Chantel Hebert and Warren Kinsella would be good choices.

  3. how about Scott Wells from MacLean's magazine... he'd be a good advocate for the other side... I agree that we don't want a sctrictly conservative news channel. The brilliance of Fox is that they actually have diversity of opinion. The reason why conservatives like it is because the hosts are able to challenge and usually defeat the leftist views using logic and reason.

  4. How about - Don Newman, Mark Holland, Wayne Easter, Hedy Fry, Judy Sgro, Derek Lee and Marlene Jennings for starters?
    I can't stop laughing, Never mind, I was only kidding.
    You said ideas, I thought you said "Idiots."

    E Mac.

  5. If they wait until the next general election, SUN TV will be able to find a large number of recently dumped MPs and insiders who will be to explain why they suck.

  6. Put Don Newman on with Ann Coulter.

    Hire Peter Mansbridge to debate Sarah Palin about why he trashed her family the night she was announced as potential VP.

    Hire any anti-American,anti-Jewish,anti-freedom Liberal and have them debate an American.

    Its time for these far left goofballs to have the facts and the truth shoved down their pathetic throats.

    The Liberals,NDP,and the Bloc get paid a huge salry while trying to make veryone live equally broke.

    There are only 2 classes of people in Canada.

    The Royal class which consists of any member of any government, and the people who have no connection whatsoever to anyone or anything government.

    Canada has probably the most corrupt politicians in the world..

    So corrupt that none of them are currently in jail.

  7. Don Newman. How could he say no? The segment last night with him and Teneycke was what the CBC should have been doing years ago. I like Don Newman...I just think he got tired of the Ceeb's missionary position style TV.

  8. Please, please - NO Jane Tabor/Oliver/Fife or Travers.... whenever I see these people on TV - my TV goes off or to another channel.... I now refuse to watch Question Period - listening to Jane Tabor and Oliver is like listening to Mark Holland and Iggy himself - they are so liberal bias....If I ever watch Tom Clark, and he is almost as bad... and Craig or Jane comes on - off my TV goes.... Craig's Take - I never watch... so please none of the above...they have CTV and Jane's column to spew their liberal bias all day long. I can't wait for the new Sun Station.... I usually watch Fox at night....and with our own level playing field... that will be my regular watch TV station....Can't wait!....but again, please none of the above... they turn my stomach!

  9. Who was that guy in the bow tie and round glasses that used to square off against Ezra on either CTV or Global? He seemed to be a fairly good natured fellow but I forget his name.

  10. Warren Kinsella is my vote. I dont like the guy but at least he admits that hes a liberal and can give you a good debate. What I dont want is a guy that you can walk all over.

  11. There is a huge difference between debating points of view and spewing partisan garden fertilizer - which is what I find Combs does much of the time. I think there are enough people with diverse views within the conservative framework without having to bring in someone who believes that whatever their team does is wonderful and whatever the other team does is awful which involves having a view of 'reality' which must come from another dimension. Put Andrew Coyne and David Frum together with some other conservatives and you will have a debate.

  12. Heather Mallick - no, seriously, think about it. If anyone can put to rest the idea that Sun TV is uber-partisan, neocon, etc, it will be the sight of Mallick explaining her point of view.

    But please don't put her on with Ezra !!!

  13. i voted warren and for the same reasons as stated above. hes intelligent and known liberal. when faced with facts and no PC bull#$#% he can be taken down.


  14. Garth Turner ;)

  15. We see/read far to much of most of those people. The only one whom I like is Chantal Hebert, as she actually does her homework, and is often insightful. I also like Rick Mercer, as he cab be very funny (the Liberal song is still priceless as is the sleepover at 24 Sussex)!

    SunTVNews should avoid outspoken fools like the plague! They should select people with credible and well-researched positions on the issues of interest, not loud-mouth partisans who resort to spin, gossip and lies. The latter provide "fake" controversy and I turn off listening to two or three spinners spouting, which is what CTV and CBC do.

    They need people who can interview Steve McIntyre objectively.

    It will be the topics that will be of great interest: immigration, proliferation of NGOs/charities, future of the UN, how large can our cities become, carbon derivatives, actual facts about what is going on in health care, real vs. fake environmental interventions, human "rights" expansion,

  16. Beryl Wajsman of the Suburban newspaper and radio show in Montreal on CJAD Sunday night.

  17. Tons of "progressives" could be tapped for Phoques Nord. Almost anyone - except Krista Erickson.

    IMHO: Airing Krista would be somewhat akin to my Dear Old Dad trying to line up a date with Monica Lewinski, in spite of my warning him that she is a closet cannibal, who knows how to serve her fellow man...

    Krista is just too downright dirty. Though she might have a lead on where the bodies are all buried, so to speak. But then again. Could you trust her? I mean - could you REALLY, REALLY trust her? Methinks not.


  18. HaHa!It shouldnt be too hard to find a few Lefties who will need jobs.Just as long as we have some.That way i dont have to change the channel.Heck throw in a commie too just so folks can see for themselves what they talk about.


  19. Sheila Copps used to write for Sun Media, so that wouldn't surprise me.

  20. John Manley would be good -- fairly mainstream without being too out there.

    The real question is who would you put on to represent the progressive vote, and I'd suggest Brian Topp for that one.