Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Protest Tourism

On Monday I watched opposition members cry foul over the loss of revenue that the G20 Summits would bring to Toronto businesses. Holland and Siskay were blaming our government for any disruption of Toronto civilian life while hundreds of protesting clowns were disrupting Toronto traffic. Anything that diminishes the quality of life for those living in Toronto can be blamed on the Tories for the inconvenience (according to the opposition), not the loons actually causing the disruption. What I want to know is why nobody in the Canadian media is talking about the tourism dollars that these protestors are bringing to our largest city. Sending the clowns to Toronto will introduce increased revenue to Toronto business, unless the protestors have no money, which is entirely possible.

Personally I hope they break out the new water cannon on the protestors. It is fine to protest in a park or someplace where you don't disrupt normal life, but when they pour out into the streets and disrupt commerce, then I have a problem. Should we have put the largest summit in our largest city? That is up for debate, but if you support Toronto hosting international events like the Olympics, they had better be able to provide security for the G20. I trust Stephen Harper, and that he will do the right thing.



  1. I just hope it pisses rain all weekend.

  2. And where were these idiots when PM Cretien decided Kananaskis country was an ideal place for his summit. We had the protests in Calgary, but also total disruption in the back country, including the complete shut-down of the camping areas for the May 24th weekend. Didn't hear any sympathy for the disruption to normal lives from the NDP or the Liberals then.

  3. Complain, Complain, Complain... Grow up Toronto , you are embarrassing Canadians. Be the adult one one lousy week while the world watches.
    After this is over you can go back to acting the baby that is too big for its playpen. I am really surprised they are unable to pretend for one week that they are ready for the big stage. They are showing the world they are LOSERS.
    Vancouver on the other hand gave Canada a respectable reputation.

  4. Maybe it is time to rerun the movie, Why Canadians hate Toronto.

  5. I wonder how many of those idiots out walking with their faces covered will be showing up later for a parade with their bottoms bare.

  6. I know there's free speech and all that. But frankly, I hate it when I cannot even get to my favourite store just because the street is packed by protesters.
    I think there are other ways of expressing your discomfort, but if we expect protesters to continue doing it their way, I think the summit should take place in a less prominent city.