Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Governor General's New Job

We will soon have a new Governor General in Canada, definitely before the next session of Parliament. I think that Michaelle Jean has been an excellent GG, and I would have supported her appointment to a second term. However she is now going to be the new United Nations Special envoy to Haiti, to help rebuild her native country after that terrible earthquake. I remember when Iggy demanded her term be extended, I don't think he thought to ask her if she would rather be Governor General, or a special envoy to rebuild Haiti. I suspect that she is very eager to begin her new job, where she can literally start saving the lives of people whose lives have been destroyed.

There will be a lot of anticipation building towards the announcement of a new GG, and I for one am excited to know who the appointment will be. I did some polling on this question in January, though I didn't include Rick Hansen who is considered to be one of the front runners for the job. Lewis MacKenzie defeated Preston Manning in that poll, where a lot of people believe that Presto is a serious candidate, assuming he even wants the job.


Lewis MacKenzie (23%)
Rick Hillier (17%)
Preston Manning (16%)
Michaelle Jean (14%)
Deb Grey (12%)
Mike Harris (9%)
Ralph Klein (5%)



  1. I wasn't that fond of her at first, but I really warmed up to her. When she ate the seal meal, that was the clincher for me. That was just so pro Canadian. That was a statement to the world, that we are Canadians, and you best not mess with us, or tell us what we are going to do. She made us proud.

  2. It is quite possible that Mme Jean was asked to stay as GG way before Ignatieff gave his advice. Perhaps she decided to leave for a bigger forum - the world stage and was not interested in another bout of ceremonial duties. She has been a tremendous GG and I wish her well. Cheers.

  3. Rick Hansen has already said he was honoured but would not accept if invited. I don't think anyone on your list will be selected, except maybe Lewis Mackenzie. Senator Romeo D'allaire is another consideration and would weaken the Liberal senate caucus.

  4. I voted for Mike Harris. I would enjoy the left's response.