Friday, June 18, 2010

What's Up With Sid Ryan?

Why is it such a big deal to the Canadian Federation of Labour and the Canadian Union of Public Employees to disrupt civilian life in Toronto during the G20 Summit? Has this Sid Ryan guy lost his marbles? This would be classified as a positive civil service, but rather a disruptive one. I understand that Mr. Ryan lost his job last year as CUPE boss, but he is currently President of the OFL (which is an affiliate of CUPE). When he was representing the Public Employees, he spent a lot of his time participating in and encouraging political activism on a variety of issues which had nothing to do with CUPE's collective bargaining agreements.

To watch him now inciting civil disobedience at a time when we should want to put on a good show for the visiting international dignitaries, I find it discouraging that this clown has a public voice. I don't know what kind of influence he has over the membership of the parent company the Canadian Labour Congress, but shame on anyone who listens to this man and then marches out to disrupt the lives of Ontarians. You don't win people over to your cause by raising Hell.

Now the police union is demanding his resignation.

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  1. I think he has lost his marbles (assuming he had a few to begin with.) He does not represent the views of his ogranization, and they should be demanding his resignation.