Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jean Chretien, the Comeback Kid?

Craig Oliver has reliable sources that there are increasingly loud rumblings within the Liberal Party that Jean Chretien should return from absentia to takeover as leader. At the spry young age of 76 the charismatic leader who never defeated a united right would likely become the oldest Canadian ever to lead a political party. Brian Mulroney is only 71, so perhaps he should be invited back to take a run at a 3rd majority? I seriously doubt that Chretien will be making an official comeback, but according to Oliver a number of Liberals are taking this very seriously.

He was previewing his show on Sunday where they are going to discuss this. Either this is a serious story reporting a very real possibility, or it is a rouse from the Liberals. What I can't figure out is what the Liberals could possibly gain from leaking a false story about a possible Chretien comeback. What possible benefit could there be to putting Chretien back in the spotlight? Let's not forget, the Sponsorship Program was his idea. I also recall a lot of left wingers saying that a 72 year old John McCain was too old in 2008.

As Jim Traverse wrote: "A joke by Jean Chr├ętien has become deadly serious business for some federal Liberals"

UPDATE: It was the first question Oliver asked Bob Rae on QP, and Bobby immediately said "no, next question". No truth to it at all. Traverse just made it up.


  1. Yahooo,he found the AdScam money to pay us back.Quick ,call Marlene Jennings to ramp up the attacks on a ex-PM Mulroney or the mere $1.2 mill.
    The Sponsorhip deal was a total of $1.2 Billion,we only know of mone stolen that Liberals admit to,even then Jean and Paul used the SgtSchultz defence as too stupid to be expected to know what went on or didn't want to know.

  2. Oh gawd, PLEASE come back Chretien!
    Toss Iffy under the bus, sit as interm leader and finish the job of killing the LPC!

    Adscam, the caps on donations, the coalition of losers, a knock down drag out fight for the crown ....I'm begging,
    if it's doable, do it!

  3. If only we could have JC, EB, RB represent for the coalition of losers.

    It would be fun to watch them defend their ideology.

    It would be fun to watch them talk about the glory day of the left and how more taxes is what Canadians need.

    The should look to Belinda, Sibohan Coady for a new direction.

  4. When journalists don't do their job properly, we are left with myth of a strong, humourous, uniting Jean Chretien. I guess some people want to be led by a thug. The Perons were popular in Argentina too.

  5. I would love the Shawinagin strangler to come back and answer questions about ad-scam,hotel deals written on napkins there is just so much we need to know, come back Jean, we hardly knew ye.
    Cheers bubba

  6. Can anyone serious, imagine a 76 YEAR OLD running a National campaign? Give me a flippin' break!

    I have just returned from dinner with my wonderfully accomplished parents and there is NO DAMN WAY that a normal child of elderly parents would even allow such a stupid notion.

    Jean Chretien, wasn't all that good btw, he was LUCKY that there was a severely fractured right of centre. Otherwise he would not have had the bragging rights that the Liberals LOVE to flaunt and hold up as something iconic.

    The idiot did NOT slay the deficit, he slayed the Provinces.
    His government STOLE from taxpayers and raped the EI, all to give the appearance of an accomplishment. The suckers that believe this crap, WERE NOT tax payers during his pillage. So no thank you Jean and rest and vacation easy!

  7. Even Cretch the Crook is not that stupid or that vain.

  8. I am predicting that craig Oliver and Jane Taber will totally ignore the victory Canada negotiated with G20 to defeat the Bank Tax. They will also ignore the flip flop on the immigration bill.
    It appears that Peter Donolo orders CTV what to discuss on Sunday's question Period.

  9. I think Cretin would be the perfect leader for now, as he ia running the show anyway from his patio and law firm, with the help of all the corrupt Quebec companies and his in-laws (Rae) and rival Power Corp buddy Martin! Iggy is not a player. The election will uncover all the people who believe in a corrupt Canada,

    If the CPC did not win a majority, this would totally force any sane provinces to secede from the Canada the we knew and loved.

  10. the libs must be able to find a younger crook.

  11. Well said Fay, I watch Question Period every Sunday morning. Not because I like it, more, like a car wreck that you can't avoid looking at. These guys will do and say anything to ignite ABC discussions. They rarely if ever give credit to the CPC and PM Harper. The wife thinks i will have a coronary watching these Liberal shills.

  12. What you call his “reliable sources” could be better described as his fellow members of the Gliberal Party.

  13. Joe, you’re correct when you say that Cretch da Crook is not that stupid or vain.

    Ohhh , but the fear and panic he must have realizing that the Conservatives are getting closer to finding his fingerprints all over the smoking gun and the steering wheel of the get away car!

    Not only that, he could be forced back into service by the scumbag powerful corporations who own him and the Liberal Party. You can bet that they found more than one set of prints.

    They really could be that desperate.

  14. OHHHH Please Jean! DO COME BACK!!!

    To see this slimy, sleazy, palm-greasing old crook back in the lime light trying to be the big man again would be SWEEEEEET.

    Aaah to drag his name through the mud with Adscam & Shawinigate, to hear daily news reports of him being investigated by the RCMP. To see him feebly defend himself now that he's a weak, gibbering old fart.

    To permanently cement Chretien and corruption together in the public memory and know that he is going to his death bed fully aware that his reputation is destroyed, his "legacy" (snicker) is ruined and that when children in the coming generations read about him in history books they will think "Wow! What a criminal!"

    To see all his former allies, (CBC journalists, Kinsella ect.) mumble evasively, "well, uhh ... yeah we weren'r actually THAT close ....uhhh" and be embarrassed to be associated with him?

    Oh MAN --- now THAT! is delicious payback!

    Yeah, Jean, come back.

  15. Whew! I had NO idea Jean Chretien was SO unpopular at this site!

    Come on back,Jeanny, we love ya!

    Somebody call the Montreal Mafia and let them know they're going to be back running the Country again.


  16. Wasn't he so popular that he had to get safe liberal MP to resign so he could run in a by-election in one of the atlantic provinces many years ago.