Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Foreign Governments Infiltrate Canadian Government

I must admit that I was surprised to hear the announcement yesterday by CSIS officials that foreign governments have apparently infiltrated our government at the provincial and municipal level. They allege that we have elected officials who act in the interests of those foreign governments, possibly even compromising the best interested of the citizens who elected them. This is plausible, and should be fully investigated. CSIS did not disclose which officials were behaving badly, but they did say that there is no evidence of such corruption at the federal level (though I suspect some NDP members are acting on behalf of Hugo Chavez).


  1. Liberal Jim Karygiannis and a number of NDP members of parliament are close with China and a number of other authoritarian, socialist regimes.

    Hmm, I'm also wondering whether he was referring to Iggy the American?

  2. It will interesting to see who is involved in this. I know immigration officers were ordered to rubber stamp every person coming in from certain countries without a backgroud check by the liberals before every election.

    This is going to get interesting.

  3. My prediction? It will have something to do with the environment crapolla.
    Then we should look at the obviously corrupt and easily influenced provinces.

    It could also be the 'foreign' govt of the USA..haha..but now he has painted every provincial minister with the same brush. I suspect the 'influenced', know who EXACTLY who he is talking about and will start looking over their shoulder a bit more often.

  4. Google the RCMP Sidewinder report. It was shut down by Chretien because he didn't like where it was going.

  5. You are new to BC - look at the political history and you will not be as surprised. Successive governments have sold out to interests in both China and the US. Sierra Club, Concord Pacific, carbon tax to pay for new technology, the Olympics "funded" by Fortis and the waterfront properties that are not sold ... BC Hydro, BC Rail, Enron pipeline, water sales, who owns the land etc and who will be buying at depressed prices etc..

  6. Hmm that Sidewinder report is rather interesting.Time to crackdown on immigration to our country.
    On a side note time to also let China know where we stand on human rights issue also.Time take apart the Chinese commie party piece by piece.
    I knew there was reason i took a right turn in politics about three years ago.Thats why i trust my instincts.

  7. Yeah, Anonymous, my thoughts exactly when I heard that CBC report. it was like the head of CSIS was talking about IFFY.

  8. If you look at this subject from a historical angle, I, for one, would have absolutely no problem believing that Pierre Trudeau was a Soviet plant. We're still reeling from the aftershocks of the damage he did to Canada with his ghastly hard-left policies that he cleverly disguised as liberalism.

    As a matter of fact, that explanation seems to fit Dalton Mugabe (McGuinty) only too damn well...