Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prison Spending

I couldn't help but notice today that Liberal MP Mark Holland is upset that tougher prison sentences are going to cost money. If we are going to institute tougher minimum sentences, obviously we are going to need to build new prison cells. The alternative is our current system which is overcrowded and criminals get forced out early to make room for the new criminals. I would the money to be spent prudently, but obviously it is going to cost more money. What percentage of crimes are committed by repeat offenders? By putting regulations in place to further quarantine criminals from our society, there will be fewer criminals on the streets to commit crimes. There is a net benefit to society that is not as easy to measure as a simple cost prediction for additional prison cells.


  1. Holland's an asset to this whole debate because he is so 'out there' with his position and information.

    The Provincial Justice Ministers are most certainly on board and clearly, the current system is pathetically flawed and costing the Provinces a ton of money for incarceration, legal fees, only to be repeated, thanks to the massive loopholes and holes in the current system.

    The rule of thumb has started to become clear. If Mark Holland is on a tear, it must potentially be, brilliant legislation. The guy is a joke!

  2. Interrupting blatant scams makes me smile and I am always happy when Mark Holland is outraged. He loves big government, stimulus spending and taxes, so I guess he is only mad because it wasn't done on the Liberal watch. A few lawyers who were dragging out court dates will be unhappy, but I am sure that they will find lots of new clients who enjoy suing the state for little benefit. Besides, we will soon be able to use the saved gun registry $.

    I would far rather spend $ to keep the serious idiots behind bars and out of trouble than paying for advocacy groups and foreign aid to the Congo and Mugabee sinkholes favoured by the Liberals.

    Apparently, we have some room to expand on crown land - land that was being used for lettuce -planting and horse-riding rehab. CSC might be happy, as this is real job creation, although it remains to be seen whether it might have to come out of existing budgets. If so, perhaps they will have to tighten up ovehead in the NCR.

  3. It would appear Holland has taken the reins from Wayne "door-knobs" Easter.

  4. How about we outsource internment for our violent offenders to China? They can see their lawyer through videoconferencing, and if we lose a few along the way, oh well....

  5. Holland has no "touch".. He has a tin ear and political acumen of a foreign dilettante.

    When he was out in western Canada selling the Green Shift he suggested that a new National Energy Plan may be needed. Some mechanism to control Albewrta's excess.

    He certainly has star quality... at least with respect to the Liberal Party.

  6. How much does it cost to clean up the misery left in the greater community by these criminals? Unlike the gun registry scam, this may have a positive cost/benefit balance.

  7. while prisons are getting full-people are NOT getting pushed out at the rates you lead people to believe. The crime rate has been going DOWN across the board not up...Harper talks about raising Canada on the World stage-after losing our UN security council seat- and now has the distinction of destroying Canada's perfect political record of trust in the government.If changes were made to allow TRUE proportional representation of ALL Canadians we'd have a strong future on all fronts...asking questions and getting answers or voicing alternative opinion is not "bickering" it is called democracy and was an EXPECTATION of the founding fathers of our country