Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer of War?

With the breaking news that Iran is preparing to militarize the Mediterranean, the probability of a major conflict between them and Israel will increase substantially. Once Iranian warships are patrolling off the coast of Israel, all bets are off. It is also safe to assume that Iran's proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon will be on standby to launch major hostilities at the nearest sign of conflict with the Jewish state. Hamas is much less of a threat because the blockade diminishes the ability of arms dealers to smuggle weapons into Gaza, where Hezbollah has pretty much free reign to import all the Syrian, Iranian, and Russian made weapons they can.

Not to be outdone, Turkey is also ramping up the rhetoric proclaiming that they will hold Israel accountable to their "state terror". I suppose nobody will be holding Turkey accountable for their own state terror against the Kurds and Armenians, but such is life. What is lost in all of this hysteria is that if you have a boat with food and clothing for the people of Gaza, either Israel or Egypt will gladly take your ship into port, unload the goods, inspect them to make sure there are no rockets, and take them into Gaza. You can get aid into Gaza, albeit slower. But if there is no blockade and ships are able to dock in Gaza, then the ability to smuggle weapons into the territory increases substantially. The math is pretty easy.


  1. Obama had better intensify the negotiating before this gets out of hand!

    Perhaps PM Ahmadinejad figures he has powerful enough allies (China) and good enough weapons to at last take Israel out permanently.

    The new U.S. government (Obama) probably doesn't realize they could lose their only true ally in the Middle East.

    Should Iran start patrolling off the coast,he MUST place a powerful fleet in the area, and get ready to open fire.

    Someone should tell Obama that although Islam IS a "religion of peace", all Muslims are NOT peaceful. He probably won't believe it.


  2. The minute an Iranian warship comes within the 200 mile limit of Israel expect to see it torpedoed. Unlike we in the west, the Israelis learned a long time ago that you can't placate an enemy who has sworn to destroy you. You can only destroy him first.

  3. Islam is only a "religion of Peace" in the context of them accomplishing their global control through Jihad. With no more "infidels" to convert/forcibly enslave, there will "surely" be a "form" of "peace" for Islam.

    Thats how the Islamic leaders look at it.