Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Would Iggy Have Done?

If the accusations from the leader of the Liberal Party are that we were denied a seat on the United Nations Security Council because of what we have NOT done internationally, I would really like to know what he would have done differently. Iggy tells us that he could have been Prime Minister in January of 2009 but turned it down. Well, let's say that he was more ambitious than he claims to be and had been Prime Minister for the past 2 years; what do you think Iggy would most likely have done to improve our chances? I am accepting nominations for a poll to be released later today. Thus far my options are.

1) Join the European Union
2) Open up more Canadian air space to Arab airlines
3) Comply with Kyoto
4) Condemn Israel
5) Praise China's human rights record

What am I forgetting?


  1. 1. Extended Canada's mission in Afghanistan unilaterally
    2. Expanded peacekeeping missions in Africa
    3. Banned the seal hunt
    4. Banned export of asbestos
    5. Declared the Northwest Passage to be international waters

  2. In order to "SELLOUT" Canada - Ignatieff would have done (all the above) period.
    Power is all he wants and to Hell with the aftermath.

  3. Force Tim Hortons to surrender to Star Bucks.

  4. Good one Anonymous but slightly underbid

    I'll see your "surrender to Star Bucks"

    and raise you

    "Force Tim Hortons to close for THE FIVE DAILY PRAYERS"

    stephen p

  5. All of the above.

    And in response to your poll, I think the ideal retirement age is 20; but with the armies of twenty-somethings already riding the welfare gravy train or living off their parents, I don't think we could afford it.

  6. Good mornin' I think the Iffy to-do list should, and did include;
    1 putting the Bloc firmly in control of Canada

    2 carbon tax
    3 flogging as a penalty for refusing to answer personal questions asked by a temporary census worker
    4 Make Lizzy a Senator, did not Cesar do the same for a horse?
    5 cancel a vital purchase for our Armed Forces
    6 tuck his underware firmly into his Y fronts
    7 have a Minaret built on the East wing of Parliment Hill
    8 On the bright side Mr Ignatieff no longer hints at his Washington connections
    Cheers Bubba

  7. Canadian taxpayers funding abortions for 3rd world countries.

  8. Free post secondary education,
    free trips abroad for students,
    free drugs, free heroin injections

    free free free, except to those 'working families' and seniors, who pay for it

  9. Shut down the West's economy, with a moritorium on the oilsands projects.
    Take-over by constitution, over ride Alberta's jurisdiction with environmental 'review'.

    Kill 10's of thousands of high paying jobs across the country,
    and set up $9 hour windmill factories.

  10. I never thought Iggy looked very promising. All these options are very realistic with Iggy's progressive liberalism views and desperation directed ideology, but if you put all these options together Iggy would turn off any person no matter what their political profile is.