Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Conservatives Holding Strong In Public Support

With all these contrived controversies seemingly one after the other, it is a wonder that the latest poll shows the Tories holding at 37% support. Wasn't prorogation supposed to have a permanent damaging impact? Wasn't Harper supposedly harangued by e-mails from furious Tories outraged at the decision to make the long census optional? Weren’t the secretive actions of this government trying to block journalist's Access to Information requests supposed to get some traction with the voting public? G20 protesters torched police cars during a so-called "billion dollar photo op", surely that would erode the public's support of its government? What else, Helena Guergis was allegedly a drug dealer while her husband illegally lobbied his former caucus colleagues. Oh yeah, the government was going to kill thousands of people by not getting pig flu vaccinations for every man woman and child.

So why aren't more people leaving the big blue tent?


  1. That Globe article is just the perfect example of why the msm is losing credibility. How does a 4.2 point lead translate into a "slight marginal advantage" ???

    It reminds us again of the uphill battle our Party faces. The msm continuously, relentlessly, spins EVERYTHING--even friggin' NUMBERS--in the most negative way for us.


    I give up on these buffoons.

  2. I wonder if Holland and cohorts will call the actions of the President of Chile during this disaster, just a 15million photo op.