Friday, October 29, 2010

"Devastated" Tories Rising In Polls

You might recall a few weeks ago when we were denied a seat on the UN Security Council, Jane Taber and Jim Travers kept throwing around the word devastating to describe what effect this would have on the Harper Tories. Two new polls have the Conservatives with a significant lead, despite faux controversy after controversy being pumped by the Liberals and their friends in the media. Angus Reid has the Tories with an 11% lead, while Liberal pollster and donor Frank Graves has the Tories up by 6%. Donolo has to be banging his head against the wall out of frustration wonder what exactly the opposition needs to do to gain traction with the electorate. Perhaps voters have been paying attention to Iggy's serial absenteeism?

The next big test will be the 3 byelections for a Tory, Liberal, and NDP seat. The most probable outcome is all 3 parties retaining their seats. For any of the parties to lose their seat would be truly devastating.


  1. Cheerleaders need to stay on script. They need to create conflict and suggest the Canadian public are interested in "x" issue.

    In Toronto, many pollsters and pundits have taken lumps for their smearing of Mayor Elect Rob Ford.

    The old wheezing MSM actors are not going to go away quietly. They will suffer the same fate as the competitors of Fox in the United States that only report half the story.

  2. It's the reasons why Canada lost the UN seat that made the loss a win, imo.

    -not kissing up to the United Arab Emirates,
    - unwavering support for Israel,
    -calling for China to release Lui
    -Obama deliberately hurting Canada's campaign
    -and the elites Iffy/Heinbecker/Fowlers attacks publicly declaring Canada did not 'deserve' a seat at the UN Sec C

  3. The media here are a strange beast. We know they prefer a close horse-race, and get lots of revenue from frequent general elections, so they will push the narratives to reach those outcomes.

    But the media also like conflict--especially WITHIN a political party. So they push those narratives too.

    In the case of the msm's "reporting" on the Libs, it looks increasingly like they have given up on promoting the "close horse race" narrative, and will soon be stirring the pot on Iggy's leadership.

    For example, today's Torstar editorial Ethical mining: What’s Ignatieff’s view?

    If Ignatieff doesn’t stand with McKay and most of his caucus, just where does he stand? Canadians need to know.

    A win for us in Vaughan will surely bring out lots more knives, aimed at Iggy's back. The list of enemies grows longer--Chretien (who's merger advice was dismissed by Iggy), Kennedy, McKay, Dhalla.

    Pretty well the only glue available to Iggyy, to keep his caucus united behind him, is poll numbers in the low 30's. When that is gone, expect more columns from Travers, like he wrote in June, advising that Iggy take his "walk in the snow".

  4. AA has up a post,
    NP articleLib Senator railing against Iffy's stand on J35's and taking PMSHs side.

    Did it snow in Etobicoke today?

  5. Anyone following the story in the US re an emirate plane landing in the US with possible suspicious pkg, and all pkg from Yemin being investigated. Sure glad that airline will not get more landing rights in Canada. And, NNW reporting that fundraising for libs last quarter are devastating. Pkg headed for US from Dubui did have explosive stuff in it.

  6. Off topic, but perhaps you could find out any remaining debt that Liberal MPs still have, for a future topic of discussion.

  7. Taber and the rest of the "Liberal" cheerleaders that infest the media are clearly and quite devastatingly desperate. Poor, pathetic, propagandist sods. Looks good on them. The influence of these dishonest shills for the Liberal/Separatist party to manipulate and dictate to the citizens of Canada as to who to vote for and whom Canadians should hate and fear is thankfully waning. Media scumbags.