Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rosemary Barton: Restricting UAE Flights Hurting Consumers

Rosemary Barton guest hosting the Soloman Show today had an interesting spin on the issue of allowing more United Arab Emirates flights in and out of Canada. The theory goes that the government is blocking foreign competition and that it will hurt Canadian consumers. Really, because I don't remember that level of "free trade" enthusiasm at the CBC when we were talking about allowing Egyptian cell phones to enter our wireless market (Kevin O'Leary notwithstanding). One CBC pundit wrote "Friday's decision to let Globalive enter Canada's cellular market could be a slippery slope, say critics. The Star's editorial calls the Industry Minister's announcement troubling." Or how about more competition in our cable news industry? If you restrict entry, aren't you hurting consumers?

Refusing the demand to allow more UAE jets to land in Canada is the reason that we are being evicted from Camp Mirage. The Liberals are saying it is an example of incompetence and was preventable; ergo had we just granted greater landing rights, we could still use the base. Well good ole Rosemary Barton was on the airwaves today trying to make the case for foreign competition. Will there be any Jewish people on those flights? I once worked with a guy who was denied entry into Abu Dhabi because he had the letters "jew" in this last name and he wasn't even Jewish.


  1. Maybe Rosie can tell us how much UAE pays for its jet fuel and then we can figure out how long it'll take for them to put the Canadian airlines out of business.

    Or are we to believe that once these characters get their foot in the door, that they'll be satisfied.

    I don't think so!

    They'll have the entire Canadian airline business in their cross hairs once they get their foot in the door, especially after they start bribing the usual crowd.

  2. This is rich. The CBC is complaining about the lack of competition???!!