Sunday, October 31, 2010

Iggy Draws "About 300" In Winnipeg North

This weekend Iggy did a campaign stop in Winnipeg North ahead of the November 29th byelections (where the Liberals scored a whole 9.2% of the vote in 2008) and according to the Winnipeg Press drew "about 300" people. That being said, he outdrew a parallel event by Jack Layton in the same riding, and this is an NDP riding. If Ignatieff is drawing more people than Layton in a riding where the NDP beat the Liberals 63% to 9% in the last federal election. Liberal voters must have been voting "strategically" for Judy Wasaleesalees, or the Dippers are in big trouble. Iggy should not be outdrawing Layton on same day events in the same riding where the NDP won with 63% of the vote.

Liberal proponent's of "strategic voting", which party would you encourage your followers to endorse? Truth is, if NDP voters are jumping off the NDP Titanic in Manitoba, that would increase the probability that the Tories pull off an upset.

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  1. Crime is a big issue in Winnipeg, the 2 Hug-a-Thug leaders drawing small crowds is no surprise.

    Did Iffy brag about cancelling the F35s contract, seeing as Bristol Aerospace in Winnipeg is a Cdn contractor for the jets?