Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dalton McGuinty Nickname Contest

What do you think is the best nickname for Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty? There are many variations of Dalton nicknames in circulation like Dalton McSquinty or Premier Dad or McSlippery, but my favourite has to be "The Taxman". I would like to launch a webpoll later today for the best nickname, and your nominations are encouraged.


  1. Failton McWehavesomuchgaswecanneveruseitall

  2. Is he kept in a bubble? The series of tax increases with overspending is starting to sink the message for the provincial Liberals.

    The timing is greats because Federal Liberals are criticizing tax cut to corporations and almost every premier has made that choice.

    Something with "bubble" to illustrate how far removed Liberals are with reality.

    Bubbles McGuinty, Dalton McBubbles

    we don't call him dad, we call him Mr. Bubbles.

  3. Dalton the Bandit.
    Whenever something arose that the Dalton gang couldn't deal with, they "banned it". For example, pesticides, pitbulls, sushi, church suppers, unrefrigerated cheese curd and on and on!

  4. Windy McGuinty. Wind power, windy rhetoric, windbag, etc.

  5. "Consultants" were paid thousands of dollars an hour and did no work in the e-health scandal.

    Why is Dalton not in jail along with those consultants.

    The Royal Family in Canada literally needs to be destroyed because they are now above the law.

    From Harper all the way down to the local police, these institutions need to be investigated by a prosecutor from another country.

    Why are no Canadian politicians in jail right now?

    Why does Dalton need to call the police to investigate his friends?

    Why is there no separation of powers?

    I mean come on, why are corrupt officials getting millions of taxpayers dollars yet there is no justice for those same people who get ripped off by their so called elected officials?

    Until Canadians realize how corrupt the Canadian system is, they will continue to suffer, have no jobs, lousy health care, and finally nothing.

    Government officials never get fired, don't work, get a huge pension, all the while protecting each other from any kind of accountability or prosecution for corruption.

    This is getting downright scary.

  6. Whoa, whoa Anon!
    Forget our meds this morning did we?

  7. Question is what do the media think of him especially when they are taxed just like the rest of the public. Or, could it be, that the media are exempt from paying 'high taxes'?

    No wonder they are thrilled to continue to have Dalton as their premiere for their own sake. Now if the media did their job properly for the public and not for Dalton. Dalton would have be gone eons ago.

    If you Iceman directed a question like that "who do you think the media works for" bet ya many would say 'DALTON and fed liberals.'

  8. "royal" Dalton... He's a figurine. And a pompous ass to boot..

    Has anyone else ever noticed the strong resemblance between Lee Harvey Oswald and Dalton McGuinty?

  9. Don't see the Oswald resemblance, just the classic Tony "Bates Motel" Perkins. I still like the old "Dilton McDoily" nickname.

  10. Dull-tone McChimpy

  11. Anonymous said...

    Whoa, whoa Anon!
    Forget our meds this morning did we?
    October 19, 2010 5:58 AM

    Not at all.

    I'm just curious why there is no justice for Canadian citizens.

    When you have a massive amount of unelected officials living on the dole and another massive amount of people relying on the taxpayer dole can one be surprised these government "agents" never allow accountability?

    From Harper now wanting to call in the RCMP on his friends to Dalton not wanting to call in the OPP on his friends I can only assume they have something to hide.

    I still cannot believe not one person is in prison regarding the e-health scandal.

    Think about that.

    One thousand million is gone and not one person knows where it went?

    "Consultants" got millions of dollars for doing nothing and nothing is done about it?

    It's up to the Premier to rat out his own friends and family?

    This system in Canada cannot last.

    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."


  12. I've always preferred to call Ontario's lying, taxing scumbag of a premier "Dalton Mugabe".

    He sure did a "Zimbabwe" on this province...