Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why We Need A Modern Air Force & Fewer UAE Flights

On Friday a United Arab Emirates airlines flight flew into Canadian airspace and was unresponsive to calls from air traffic controllers, forcing the Canadian air force to scramble two fighters to intercept the wayward flight. This serves to remind us why we need a modern air force; while it is unlikely that we will be invaded by Russia, the threat of hijacked civilian aircraft flying into buildings is very real. It is arguably the most important reason to maintain a modern fleet of combat aircraft.

Ironically enough this plane came from the UAE, who kicked us out of Camp Mirage because they want the right to land more of their jets on Canadian runways. This is not going to help their case. The Liberals called it an example of Tory incompetence, and so I am wondering if the Libs will be campaigning on opening up our air space to more flights from the Middle East? This also happened on the same day that several letter bombs were found on cargo planes around the world destined for Jewish sites mostly in the United States.

On the day when we were evicted from Camp Mirage, Rosemary Barton guest hosted the Soloman Show and tried to make the "free market" case that consumers were being harmed by these "protectionist" policies of not allowing more UAE flights. Great call Rosie. Don Newman pleading to block Sun TV from ever being created, that's not protectionism though, right?


  1. If Rosie actually believed in the "Free Market", she would not work for the CBC.

    Can you say HYPOCRITE???

    Yes Rosie, I am talking about you...

  2. "the threat of hijacked civilian aircraft flying into buildings is very real. It is arguably the most important reason to maintain a modern fleet of combat aircraft."

    The upgraded version of the F-18 will do in this case,quite nicely. Who is going to give the order to shoot down a plane load of civilians? Certainly no politician alive today.

    I'm still undecided on the question of whether to spend billions on new fighters,when their deterrent effect is questionable in such small numbers.

    And what,or who,is the enemy we simply MUST have these fighters to defend against? China? They're buying us,why would they initiate military action against their own property?

    Russia? Maybe, but not for a long time.The old guard of the Soviet military is growing older,read:dead.and I don't think Putin is going to act on their wet dreams. The U.S? Only if we see a Democratic Prez for the next six terms.Then they might attack us just because we make them look so bad with their increasing financial disaster.

    When in doubt,declare war on someone easy to beat.Too bad John Candy's not around to star in the movie.

    It is pretty well conceded on Conservative blogs, that our greatest threat is the enemy within,radical Islam right here in Canada, so how is an F-35 to help defend us against THAT?

    Convince me,and not with the rhetoric of the parties who stand to gain financially,or the Flyboys behind the desks at CF,who always want the latest toy,whether we need it or not.

    The F-18's have never seen combat,and flew a few patrol missions in the Gulf War 1. We aren't using them for support in Afghanistan,where they couldn't hurt,so why do we need to upgrade once again?

    And,you know I'm not a pacifist,so don't go there. I am fully committed to a strong and well equipped Armed Forces for Canada, BUT only if we spend the money wisely.

    I believe if we're afraid of invasion,a well trained National Guard is more of a deterrent than a few fighters. Buy Tanks,artillery,anti-aircraft missiles,whatever is needed for self defence, but don't tell me 70 fighters are going to stop a determined invader. A mere 70 fighters would be lucky to last three days against any of the big powers.

    As to the UAE,and their flights, don't allow them ANY access to our markets. To use redneck terminology,which is most apt in this case,"fuck 'em".