Monday, October 18, 2010

Prentice Hanging Out With Chretien?

A number of people (myself included) thought it was very strange to see Jim Prentice go on a camping trip with David Suzuki and Evan Soloman, only to see a week later Jim doing a ceremonial event with Jean Chretien. I am pleased to see that the former PM has recovered from brain surgery, I was just not expecting to see him cutting ribbons with the Conservative Environment Minister yesterday. What's next, going out for ice cream with Warren Kinsella? Dinner and a movie with Scott Reid? Jim would likely have to pay for the beer and popcorn, as I know how much contempt Scottie has for spending money on such classless pleasures.

Maybe Prentice has started some kind of Liberal outreach program, and this is all part of some sinister master plan?

1 comment:

  1. No need for Jim to buy the popcorn anymore though. I just saw an ad for a liquor store here in Calgary that sells a 12-pack of Corona and the buyer gets a free bonus packet of Orville's best popping corn.