Sunday, October 31, 2010

Liberals Scare Children

Today's Halloween poll question; which opposition member would you put on your front lawn if you really wanted to scare trick or treaters on Halloween? I got the idea from the Halloween episode of Modern Family where they had someone in costume out in the front yard of a haunted house to maximizing the haunting effect of the haunted house. I also remember that last year before Halloween, Bob Rae appeared on the Soloman Show to tell Canadians that they would die of swine flu and it would be the government's fault. "Spooky Bobby" was just fear mongering for the purposes of creating a false hysteria that would cause panicked voters to blame the government for something that never happened.

Which opposition member scares you?


  1. Ruby Dhalla. Especially if I am an immigrant hired to do senior care, but ending up doing everything and anything demanded. Oh, and not allowed to sit on the same level as the employers.

  2. I'd put David Dingwall on the lawn. He could take candy from the children while saying "I'm entitled to my entitlements!"

  3. Funny enough - A close look at Michael Ignatieff with a bit of makeup would certainly give "LURCH" of the Adam's family a run for his money.
    Bob Rae - Humpty Dumpty.
    Jack Layton - The what me worry kid.
    I could go on and on but you get the general idea.

  4. I pick three:

    Count Ignatieff, Duceuppe and Ujjal Dosangh!

    They are the easiest to picture with red eyes & long protruding fangs.

    Else convert Ujjal into a wolfman and Duceuppe into a snake, just to add variety.

  5. Thank you for this poll - it made me smile!!!

  6. Someone should erect a giant count chocula/ignatieff cereal box on their roof.
    Lighting an all.