Thursday, October 14, 2010

Should Christian Paradis Resign?

The Tory Natural Resources Minister stands accused of issuing government contracts to a party fundraiser, and today's poll question is do you think he should resign? Be it from Cabinet, caucus, or both, if there is going to be an investigation should he step aside? Helena Guergis was asked to step aside while being investigated for wrong doing, and she was not asked to return when it was determined there was no evidence of malfeasance. Clearly there should be an investigation into whether or not there was an ethical violation by Paradis, but should he step aside in the meantime?

I supported Helena resigning from Cabinet while she was being investigated, and I supported her reinstatement into caucus after being cleared. That being said, if the Minister in charge resigned each time there was a controversy in any portfolio, we would have run out of Cabinet Ministers by now! We need to judge these on a case by case basis.


  1. 'The Tory Natural Resources Minister stands accused of issuing government contracts to a party fundraiser'

    of course the media always 'forget' to state that Pardis was not the Minister responsibile when the contract was awarded (Fortier?),
    but he was the Minister responsible when that particular contract was CANCELLED.

    the media also 'forgets' to report that the owner of the winning contract, Paul Sauve, met with Coderre to talk to him about running as a Liberal candidate. Coderre said he was unaware of any Hells Angel connections.

    So NO, Paradis should stay put and let this Liberal smear campaign work it's way out.

  2. I am not prepared to throw another MP's under the bus for a conversation. I expect we should have a requirement of actual evidence or wrong doing. I understand why Helena offered her resignation.( It was a distraction two months of attacks)

    Loyalty and rule of law, innocent until proven guilty are important. Helena blew it after her delay in explaining her case directly to her residents. She should have bypassed the CBC for local papers and local radio and numerous meeting in her riding.

    She can still win as an independent. The party executive may have used this attack by opposition to upgrade MP's. Do you see the candidates?

  3. I don't know, I seem to recall he gave a bit more than a $1,000 to the Conservatives and then a bit more later on. Is this really going to be so influential? Especially to the Conservative Party which has not trouble raising money?