Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sun TV Drops Bid For "Must Carry" License

I would like to applaud Quebecor Media for dropping their bid to the CRTC for "must carry" status; as they will proceed forward with the "if you build it, they will come" approach. While it would be equitable treatment to give Sun TV the same advantage that CBC Newsworld and CTV News Channel enjoy, few support those networks being forced upon them by the CRTC. Two wrongs don't make a right, and I am pleased to see Quebecor take this position. It was a long shot to get "must carry" status, and it is necessary to build up a fan base before the necessity of their product is fully appreciated. Anyone who wants to subscribe to Sun TV should call their cable provider and request it; as I have always said, demand is the mother of supply.

Perhaps I am just another daydream believer, but I say "if you build it, they will come..."


  1. Just another example of a government agency picking winners and losers. CBC and CTV get must carry but conveniently the CRTC decides not to offer any more before a conservative channel sets up shop.

  2. I'm with Bell Express view, if SUN TV News is not provided, I will change to someone that will provide. Easy as that,I expect there will be many...

  3. Actually they never asked for "must carry" status. What they originally wanted was "must offer".

    Under "must carry", the consumer gets the channel whether or not they want it, but under "must offer" the cable co must make it available and it's up to the consumer to buy or not.

    Under the new request, the cable co can decide not to offer it, and if a couple of the big ones go this route, Sun News iwll never get off the ground.

  4. If the cable co refuse to offer Sun TV, I will be protesting in front of CBC. Anyone want to join me?

  5. ".... I have always said, demand is the mother of supply."

    Curious, I've always thought demand was the mother of my children :)

  6. o/t
    I'm late with this one, but just now remembered that Iffy hired 'a top-level bureaucrat from the Privy Council Office', Kevin Chan.

    Iffy said his 'integrity is unassailable' and won't be telling secrets learned.
    So why is Iffy attacking the 'integrity' of PMSHs hire, Wright?

    I wonder if Chan is still on Iffy's payroll,
    and Chan crafted Iffy's Homecare plan that is a copycat of PMSHs childcare benefit...