Monday, October 4, 2010

Iggy's Next Magic Word: Costed

John Ivison wrote a great article for the national post about how Ignatieff's unfunded promises are adding up fast; "if Michael Ignatieff ever becomes Prime Minister, he should gather up all the old speeches he made in Opposition and burn them." The past year has seen the Liberal leader make a plethora of spending promises out of one side of his mouth, while complaining about the deficit on the other. Well the question is, will he take the time to have his platform costed before the next election? I'm sorry, silly me, I don't expect them to have an actual policy platform. Granted, it is the pragmatic play to keep your agenda close to your chest, because some grandiose promises are easy to make in a stump speech, but very difficult to keep once in office.

Trying to get tangible policy out of Iggy is like trying to nail Jello to a wall. He often takes both sides of the same issue, in addition to borrowing the NDP mantra of more spending on social programs. We are still waiting for Iggy's climate change policy, which I'm sure he is hesitant to talk about while the Green shit dropped by Dion is still floating in the Liberal toilet. Canada's economic performance this year has exceeded expectation and thus the government will be taking in more revenue than projected. That means the deficit will be smaller than expected. They may want to collapse the government before the Tories can take credit for deficit reduction, if they are going to campaign on fiscal responsibility.


  1. The Achilles heel is trust, he does not have it.

    It does not matter what he offers including a free chicken or joint in every pot or pocket.

    He has spent nearly two years talking from both sides of his mouth as the leader. (Liberal excuse why they can't win)

    The media has been doing the heavy lifting in reporting the fake numbers, horse race, scandal au jour, "crisis". It does not matter they are being tuned out for the most part and won't be able to stop the Tim Horton's party up north. (Tea Party in south) NB and Rob Ford is only the beginning of the nanny state Liberal ideology.

    The party is over, some have seen the storm clouds and changed direction. Others will get retired through the ballot.

  2. The Conservatives should assemble all those Ignatieff promises in a red book and deliver the Liberal policy platform that Liberals don't have enough money to do themselves.

  3. Great idea Jeff! That would be killer....for the Liberals.

    When even my "Trudeau saved our lives" parents sneer at Iggy, you know that he is done like perogies.

  4. Great idea, Joe. That noise we would hear would be all the Liberal heads popping because they wouldn't know what to do.