Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gordon Campbell's Approval Rating Falls To 9%

The leader of the BC Liberal Party has fallen to new lows as a new poll puts his approval rating at a paltry 9%. It is among the worst ratings ever recorded for a Canadian Premier, lower even than Glenn Clark before he was overthrown by his Justice Minister Ujjal Dosangh. Before the BC NDP starts dancing in the streets over these poll numbers, it should be noted that while their party is polling at 49%, their leader Carole James remains comparatively unpopular with a 27% approval rating. Nearly half of the respondents stated a preference for the NDP, but nearly half of those people did not approve of the NDP leader. It is the opposite of the federal party, where the leader has a much higher approval rating than his party's numbers.

I do not approve of Gordon Campbell even though I reluctantly voted for him in the last election. I vote in every election federal, provincial and municipal. In last year's provincial election, I walked into a voting booth with three choices Liberal, NDP, and Green. It wasn't a choice; it was a lack of options. On the day that I voted, I proclaimed it the "none of the above" election, an option which sadly was not on my ballot. I wanted to boot him out for the carbon tax, but would never vote Green or NDP.

As I wrote on May 12, 2009: "I am overjoyed and incredibly relieved that the Sherriff of Nottingham has soundly defeated the Wicked Witch of the West in BC’s “none of the above” Election today."


  1. I was always shocked that British Columbians voted for Campbell. He was a shifty character as mayor and he's even more shifty as Premier. To me there's always been something overtly creepy about him. As my Scottish mother told me "never trust a Campbell". Although I agree there really isn't much of an alternative. In B.C. it's one of those "Giant Douche" or "Shit Sandwich" choices.

  2. I don't know why you think so poorly of Carole James. If you do your homework, or meet her at all, you would find that she is a genuwinely caring person, and that she is a perfect fit for premier of this province.

    Gordon has been taking backdoor bribes from big business since his shady mayoral days, and has only made a mockery of BC voters since. I am suprised that he has lasted this long. He has attacked every single person in this province besides big business.

    Do BC voters have their heads up their asses? NDP is a much better party in all areas than these crooked Liberals!

  3. Glenn Clark and Ujjal me souviens...