Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Liberal Law And Order Hypocrisy

Today the Liberal Party attacked the government for plans to spend $155 million to expand our prison capacity. This comes after they have voted in favour of tougher minimum sentences for a variety of crimes. Guys, if you want to increase the amount of time that certain criminals spend in prison, then where exactly do you expect to put them? Will Mark Holland turn his own residence into a half-way house? The Liberals voted in favour of tougher sentences for trafficking minors (C-268), they voted in favour of tougher sentences for drug offenses (C-15), and they voted in favour of serious time for the most serious crimes (C-36). You want to support tougher sentencing, but will not accept the reality that longer sentences will require an expansion of our existing capacity?

That's called hypocrisy. Iggy has starting hosting these online Q&A's, so maybe somebody could ask him to clarify what Mark Holland meant by "it doesn't work". Do tougher sentences not work? If so, why would the Liberals support them? Or are you saying that extending the length of sentences does not pose a vacancy problem for our prison system? Please, I'd like to know what their position is.


  1. I've given up. They talk out of both sides of their mouth so often its impossible to keep track.

  2. TamgoJuliette sez:

    perhaps, had the libranos themselves practiced what they profess, we mught not be in the quandry we face today.

    In all their years in power, THEY obviously didn't do the job of addressing the 'root causes' of crime. THEY didn't build enough schools, parks, B'Ball court, feed the hungry, heal the sick, address housing issues. . . etc etc etc.

    No! They looted the public purse and ravaged the public trust. They deserve to be marginalized and ignored.



  3. The liberals ought to support spending more on prisons, because it's the only way liberals in general can get more money without raising any eyebrows. Most prison inmates are liberal, after all.

  4. You are being unfair with the application of logic and fact based evidence against the opposition.
    Ignatieff has been propping up this government since being appointed leader in December 2008. They are not prepared to seek a mandate through a ballot. They are unable to fix the funding, find candidates for 308 ridings.
    They demand more money for rehabilitation but can't connect the dots how over crowding, safety will be impacted without the extra beds. They are treating prisoners with the same contempt they treat other Liberal voters. The prisoners are just props.