Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aren't Conservatives Supposed To Be Racist?

Calgary, the most Conservative city in Canada has just elected a Muslim mayor named Nahed Nenshi. Here I thought that Conservative people are supposed to be racist bigots who hate minorities? A city that votes for a very ethnically diverse cast of elected officials can hardly be labeled as racist. It was just last week that Liberal pollster Frank Graves proclaimed that "white male seniors from Alberta" were the backbone of Tory support. In the 2008 election the Tories won roughly 67% of the vote in the greater Calgary area, the highest popular vote result for the Conservatives in Canada (followed by Edmonton at 60%, Saskatoon at 51%, and Winnipeg at 47%). By comparison, the Liberals pull only 39% of the vote in greater Toronto and 29% in greater Montreal.

As Jason Kenney tweeted last night:

"Note for those from outside of Calgary who seem to be stunned that Calgary would elect a Mayor named Naheed: Calgary has had a far more ethnically and religiously diverse contingent of elected representatives than any other major Cdn city for as long as I can remember."

"Where was the first Muslim MP elected from? Alberta (Rahim Jaffer). The first Canadian Hindu MP? Deepak Obhrai, from Calgary."

"Question: Where was the first Muslim Cabinet Minister in Canada from? Edmonton, Alberta. (Larry Shaben in the Lougheed PC government)."
Well said. I don't know much about the new mayor as I did not pay much attention to the election, but I am always pleased when Conservatives break Liberal stereotypes.


  1. Conservatives are called many things because we win arguments. At the first sign of losing the debate the racist, ignorant card is played. Liberals are emotional, play small politics while accusing the other team of doing it.

  2. Kenney campaigned for anybody but Naheed.

  3. Hey Anon, why make stuff up? Kenney was supporting McIver, not anybody but Naheed.

    "As well, a release issued by McIver’s campaign Friday night states MP Jason Kenney is also supporting the candidate."

  4. "Kenney campaigned for anybody but Naheed"

    No name. No link. No credibility.

    I didn't see or hear of any CPC MPs or PC MLAs endorsing, let alone campaigning for or against any of the mayoral candidates.

    There were experienced campaigners/strategists connected to the Tory Parties, who helped Ric McIver and Barb Higgins. But that's about the extent of it, as far as I could tell.

    Someone phoning in to Rutherford this morning suggested that supporters of ex-mayor Bronconnier worked behind the scenes AGAINST McIver, who was a thorn in Bronco's side over the last nine years.

    For the conspiracy minded: Some Polling stations in the south side reportedly RAN OUT of ballots, and some voters left. There were no such problems in the north Calgary stations. McIver's strength was in the south Calgary wards.

    Historical note: In the 1997 federal election, Harper had resigned his seat in Calgary West. Rob Anders ran for the Reform Party. Then alderman Dave Bronconnier ran for the Liberals. Rob won by 9,600 seats. So perhaps the mayoral race was partly a proxy war between the federal LPC and CPC ?

  5. I got a call from Jason Kenny endorsing Ric McIvor. It was a tough going against the colours and flags of the big C but Nenshi got my vote.

    Now comes the hard part. Lets see how he does.

  6. "No name. No link. No credibility."

    Calgary Junky rightly criticizes the anonymous commentator, then goes on to do the very same thing.

    "Someone phoned in..."

    "For the conspiracy minded..."

    All unsupported claims made under cover of a pseudonym.

  7. BB, I didn't "claim" anything. I'm saying: IF you believe in conspiracies, then here is what I heard on the radio. You can check the CHQR audio vault.

    We already know that the so-called "progressives" in Calgary coalesced around Joe Clark in (the then riding of) Calgary Centre in the 2000 federal election, to defeat CA candidate Eric Lowther.

    So it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the same sort of thing was happening in the mayoral race. This time to take down Ric McIver.

  8. Hoping they screw everything up and get the boot in the next election.

  9. Muslim is not an ethnicity it is a religion.
    I hope he is a moderate because if not Calgary is in big trouble. If he advocates sharia law in any way look out!

  10. Anon @11:54: if you bothered to check out Mr Nenshi before writing unwarranted slurs, you would find he is Ismaili Muslim (parents immigrants from Tanzanya), which group is generally considered extremely moderte. I believe they follow the Aga Khan.

  11. Frances

    If you bothered to study anything on radical Islam you would know that it is considered a duty under Islam to deceive the Kafir if it would advance Islam. That being the case I think a healthy scepticism is warranted.

    How exactly is scepticism a slur?

  12. Anonymous: Islam is not a monolith. The jihadi take-over-the-world types are for the most part Sunni. The Ismailis are a small sect of Shia. They are the very opposite of radical; being a minority of a minority, they're all about getting along wherever they live. The Sunni do not consider them part of the Ummah.

    If you're all that concerned about Islam then please "bother" to study it in detail. Then you will at least start to know what you don't know.

  13. Being a minority is not a choice. Some contend that being gay is not a choice. Being Muslim IS a choice. It is really sad that people are not allowed to be critical of Islam without being subject to scorn. Nobody made a mention of his faith prior to election day. I find that curious. Remember how the media made fun of Stockwell Day for his religious beliefs? I guess leftists are allowed to be bigots.

    P.S. I'm posting this as "anonymous" because I'm lazy. My name is Craig Smith.