Monday, October 25, 2010

Blogging Tories: "This site may harm your computer"?

If you type "Blogging Tories" into Google, the result will produce a warning "this site may harm your computer"; because apparently allegedly somebody has hacked or attempted to hack the site to upload "malware", or people have been sending complaints to various search engines and web browsers prompting the sudden addition of a warning. I would be really interested to know exactly how this came to pass, and I'm sure the site administrators will get to the bottom of the situation. Some browsers will not even allow people to enter the Blogging Tory site, warning message or not. That being said, my own traffic has been strong today, so I don't think that fans of the Blogging Tories who use the site frequently have been discouraged.

For your peace of mind, the Liblogs site will not harm your computer, only the evil conservative site. It would appear that somebody wants to silence the conservative blogs. According to Alberta Ardvark: "FYI Stephen Taylor has responded: code injection attack. I’ve fixed it and asked Google for a review."


  1. If you use Internet Explorer you don't get the message. It comes with Firefox.

  2. I switched to IE and closed Firefox. No problem with IE. Mary T

  3. I have just shut down Chrome and used IE I got a message from my anti virus prog that a threat had been blocked, the same one as before so someone had better sort this out.

  4. Ah, SQL injection. So easy to do...

    SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE 1=1

  5. Happen to me on Firefox BUT NOT ON Google Chrome.
    I also experienced this when trying to open "The Phantom"me thinks this is getting curiouser and curiouser!
    Note: I just tryed to preview my comment and received an "Attack Warning" on Google Chrome, someone straighten this out... please!

  6. I note that that Google gives the same flag for

  7. I wrote to Google as follows:

    You have got to be kidding! .....

    If my computer is harmed in the coming days I will hold Google personally responsible!

    signed (my google email address)

    stephen p

  8. I tried to get into blogging tories 3 times and three times my anti-viris prog warned of a malware URL problem. I deal with Microsoft internet and Telus as my provider. My first thought it was George Soros' long arm of the American Progressive Party since he sticks his nose into everything including Sun Media. Am I right?????

  9. Hey all,

    Same thing happened with me, via Firefox. I just clicked, "ignore this warning." That was first thing this morning, and I thought, 'that's odd --oh, wait, Rob Ford is up for election today.' So, not odd. I'm interested to see who 'censored' BT today....



  10. Thanks for this posting. SDA was affected using Firefox as well.

  11. LMAO!Gee google having all sorts of issues.I wonder why?There are OTHER search engines to use.

  12. Rather than scream at Google why not wait until the specific site administrator has a chance to track down the intruders and get them off their site. At this moment Google tells me that three sites have been infected: Stephen Taylor's Blog, moose and squirrel, and the secrets of vancouver.
    I, for one, would rather have my search engine inform me when there is a potential problem rather than ignore it. This way the choice is mine and I will avoid these sites until the all clear is given,
    If your anti-virus program is any good and is up to date, it will pick up the attempted attack. I don't get a warning from my AV when entering Blogging Tories because the attack is site specific, but I do when I try moose and squirrel.
    And if you don't have AV software then you shouldn't be on the internet.

  13. Can't get in with Internet Explorer at all. Got in with Chrome to all B T sites with a warning, some time multiple before entry.
    "Curiouser and curiouser!"

  14. Iceman your blog has now joined the ever growing list. The American Conservative bloggers had the same problem last year.

    Interesting theory, scary if it's true.

  15. Blogging Tories [.ca] site seems to be off-air now (2:25 PM, Tuesday, Oct 26.)

    Apparently any site with so much as a link to Blogging Tories website gets flagged with a security warning.

    Sure is tough being a conservative these days.

  16. Utterly intolerant socialist police state.

    This matter is criminal.

    Wonder if it's that Soros group again doing exactly what they complained was being done to them?

  17. Don't blame the left too fast. Blogging Tories is popular and has a high link density. It is a succulent prey for any hacker or prankster.

    Considering how dumb the left's web geeks are (, onprobation, etc), this seems too sophisticated an attack for them to pull off.

  18. I use IE and cannot connect to BT. The message states the website is unavailable.
    I googled the name and was able to get into the Iceman blog.

  19. This has nothing to do with blogging tories or the browser. I was having the same problem last month with any site that was listed on my NL Bloggers roll. It was a problem with blogroll. However I don't know if blogging tories uses blogroll anymore, I am pretty sure they don't but it is not directed at conservatives lol

  20. I use IE and have no trouble connecting.Then again everything that happens on my computer gets fowarded to microsoft.

    But just to be safe, start checking out different security sites, unbuntu os ,linux and other programs and how they work.Never rely on one source.