Friday, October 8, 2010

Which Canadian Premier Is The Most Corrupt?

With all the talk about corruption in provincial governments lately, today's poll question is which Premier do you think is the most corrupt? I will personally be voting for my own Premier Gordon Campbell, but Jean Charest would be my second choice for the most unscrupulous administration. I would rate Dalton McGuinty the most flawed Premier, but Charest and Campbell have an edge on the corruption scale. Dalton is beholden to CUPE and would put their interests above the common citizenry, but would you rate that as corruption or destructive ideology?

From what I've heard, Brad Wall is very well respected. Stelmach is regarded as a boring policy wonk and political dummy, but I don't recall ever hearing allegations of outright corruption. Danny Williams is a "chicken hawk" who wants to keep getting federal welfare checks while his province is getting rich, but he does strike me as morally balanced. I don't generally pay much attention to Nova Scotia, but I have heard rumblings that the NDP Premier Darrell Dexter is doing a typical NDP job at governing. I know absolutely nothing about the Premier of Manitoba; I had to Google "Manitoba Premier" just to find his name, which I did not even recognize.


  1. Steady Eddy is too stupid to be corrupt but I don't know about some of the clowns in his party.

    Rob C

  2. Compared to some of the American governors (ex governors of Illinois, New York, New Jersey), they are small potatoes. But I vote for McGuinty (not in reality!) because of the E health cronyism and the green energy single sourcing which will cost so much to Ontario taypayers.

  3. You are probably right about charest #1 and campbell #2 right now,but the teflon is peeling off of mcguinty quickly.The closer we come to next years election and voters realise he has essentially pi**ed away billions,the media and the elite educated are not going to be able to cover for him anymore.You just know that when liberals and tax dollars are mixed together that friends always get first dibs in the looting.The greening of Ontario and huge public sector union payoffs will be rife with scandal.

  4. Charest is probably most corrupt with Campbell second based on history. Mind you McGuinty is not understood correctly by the public. He is more aware of what he is doing than most people realize. He, McGuinty is just best at playing stupid.