Monday, October 11, 2010

I Am Thankful For Ignatieff Truancy

Last winter when friends of the Liberals organized a cross country day of protest over the "Prorogation Crisis", several voices in the media claimed that this was going to get traction with voters and permanently damage the Conservative government. Over those several weeks basking in the media attention, a number of high profile Liberals had a number of very sanctimonious things to say about the necessity of parliament being at work. Ignatieff himself proclaimed "Parliament is the sovereign", and there were a number of ordinary Canadians who don't like the idea of government being paid not to work; hence why the movement against prorogation was said to be one of the "grassroots" variety. Ignatieff claimed that he heard a loud voice from Canadians saying "do your darn what you were elected to do!"

How important is showing up to work in Parliament? If voting record is any indicator, Iggy does not put much value on showing up to work. He is set to become the most truant MP in the House of Commons since the last prorogation. As a supporter of the Conservative Party, I am thankful for Ignatieff's hypocrisy. I expect this to be the subject of at least one campaign commercial; even show Bob Rae protesting prorogation in the streets of Toronto, and then show how he prorogued almost every year he was in power in Ontario during an economic crisis. If you think this truancy is unique to Ignatieff, you'd be wrong. 26 of the 30 most absent Members of Parliament belong to the Liberal Party. That's almost half their caucus in the top 10% most absent.

After everything they said about prorogation, I'm thankful that were not true to their word and provided the Tories with great campaign material.


  1. He promised in May 2009 the Liberals would not be sitting on their hands either.

    In Fall 2009 he delivered the Harper "Your Time Is UP" speech.

    I have lost count on threats, flip flops on promises.

    He has repeated the mistakes of Dion, and his numbers have taken a substantial hit regarding his leadership and the mystical resurgence of new members donating and joining the party.

    The Big Red Tent is shrinking, it does not have room for social conservatives, long gun owners, voluntary Census citizens, military supporters any more.

  2. Of course the MSM will not mention that Iggy is never in the House. PM Harper has made it to more votes, but the MSM will ignore that as well. The MSM really needs us to stop paying for their papers or watching their TV before they wake up!.

  3. TangoJuliette sez:

    I'll bet that Wiunbrow's "Magical Mystery Bus Tour" was moreof a series of fly-ins to a bus clone. Most of the summer Ig was in make-up, learning how to speak 'common canadianfolk englishand french.