Friday, October 29, 2010

Taber Finally Scolds Ignatieff

It would appear that Jane Taber took a break Thursday from singing praises for the Liberal leader to scold him for ducking out on yet another vote in the House of Commons, this time on a Liberal bill enforcing business ethics abroad. "Ignatieff’s mixed message on mining leaves Liberal heads spinning". If Jane Taber is being critical of Iggy Flop, then it has be serious and I'm sure there are a number in his party who are not happy about Iggy's "I don't vote on private members bills" philosophy. That elitist attitude and serial absenteeism are going to be a major talking point in the next election. When that student asked Iggy why he was absent for Kennedy's "conscientious objectors" bill and Iggy responded with "I don't vote on private members bills", boy I hope we got that one on camera. That clip in and of itself should be a campaign commercial.

Iggy, you may want to start showing up to work more often. Even Jane Taber is pissed off at you now, and that's something you don't see very often.


  1. The whole point of the House of Commons is to vote for or against government and private member's bills. It would appear that Ignatieff believes that voting for the "little people". What a maroon!

  2. Why is she so upset with Ignatieff and not Bob Rae as well- he bankrupt Ontario which she Taber showed no interest also he has missed parliament many times. In other words 'PROROGUED'.
    Besides, when the liberals feel like taking a breqk from duties not because of personal problems, is just that they know the media will tend to matters for them (liberals.)

    I think what Taber is doing is for her own self; protecting herelf from the public's opinion on the media's lack of work.

    If things were rosey even though Ignatieff was prorogueing his duties, Taber would not be upset.

  3. The question for me is: what is going through the minds of Liberal MPs as they watch this "manouvering" by Iggy, and how will they react at the time of Flaherty's budget vote ?

    We know about Kennedy's secret deal with Dion, which they sprung at the most opportune time during the leadership vote, and was pretty well the stake through Count Iggula's heart. So, was Iggy's abandonment of Kennedy's "military deserter's" bill, payback for that hardball move by Kennedy ?

    Kennedy has enough problems in his riding, facing another challenge from high profile Dipper Peggy Nash. She will surely use this PMB vote against him.

    Anyway, I still have a hard time visualizing 155 Opposition MPs rising in a vote of non-confidence. Why go into battle, behind a ham-handed, vengeful, untrustworthy, rookie campaigner, if your own riding is at great risk ?

    Plus, there is the consideration that any MPs first elected in Jan, 2006 (including Iggy), only have to hang in there until Jan 2012, in order to qualify for their pension.

    IMHO, if we win Vaughan, the resulting disarray, finger-pointing and second-guessing, means Flaherty's budget goes through.

  4. Perhaps Taber should stick to writing ridiculous, imbecilic, mind numbing drivel about how Turdo's kid is a "rising superstar". The "Liberal/Separatist party cheerleaders encrusted within the media are getting restless and devastatingly desperate.

  5. Perhaps she lost a best if he would return to Hall duty.

    It appears the track record of bailing out on second votes of his own party is a start of a new tradition started by Dion and followed by Ignatieff.

    As a conservative supporter our inability to jettison our principles, policies or values at the hint of the latest poll may be our flaw or strength depending upon where you lean.