Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Duck, Duck, Noose

I would generally defer the fight against birds landing in the oil sands tailing ponds to the good people at Ducks Unlimited (where my father volunteers), but if ducks insist on landing in toxic pools then the best course of action would be to cover tailings ponds with nets. It is easier to save a duck from a net than from an oil bath. If sound canons can't do the job, cover the ponds in a nylon mesh. I realize that these ponds are quite large and covering them with a net would not be cheap, but I'm assuming it would cost less than the many pounds of flesh they have to pay in damages. Until natural selection evolves these birds to recognize the difference between water and oil, we are going to need to think outside the tailings pond...


  1. Wild Rose is going to end tailings ponds. As for the pound of flesh, I think they should be made to pay te going rate for duck at a chinese restaurant.

  2. 'pay te going rate for duck at a chinese restaurant.'

    well that would certainly be cheaper than the $1000 per dead duck fine the court demanded.

    This entire freak out about dead ducks is ridiculous.

    Ezra is right, PEOPLE are killed in other oil producing countries,
    yet dead ducks in tailings ponds trump dead people.

    Time to get a grip.
    Hundreds of birds get killed every 'hour' by windmills.

    I have yet to hear of a windfarm being taken to court and charged $1000 for every dead bird that flew into the props.

    Maybe we need to start a petition against windfarms, for the sake of the birds, eh.

  3. ps
    all birds are not created equal.
    The Canada goose are killed (culled, as in randomly shot dead) by the hundreds, to applause.
    But the big bad oil company pays a $1000 per dead duck fine.
    Go figure, eh.
    Dead duck bad, dead goose good.

    Nova Scotia cull

    July 2010,
    New York announced it would cull 2,000 of the geese.

    Read more:

  4. Has hunting season started yet? What a waste of time to carry on about ducks in a tailing pond, if Greenpeace gets lots of airtime on this subject then people who have not a clue about the oilsands and all the byproducts from a barrel of oil will cough up money for their want to spend your money to sooth your conscience donate your coin to a homeless shelter. I heard on the radio today that people donate money for animal causes because they don't have to get involved on too personal level...send some money to save a bear, whale or whatever and you can get all warm and fuzzy about yourself.

  5. Why don't they feed the dead ducks to homeless people?

    After all they are pre-basted...