Friday, October 1, 2010

Prentice Goes Camping With Suzuki And Soloman

When I tuned in to watch the news this evening, I did not expect to see Environment Minister Jim Prentice on a camping trip with David Suzuki and Evan Soloman, but alas tonight I saw exactly that. The primary objective is to celebrate a new nature reserve in Northern British Columbia, and the men certainly seem to be getting along quite well. You have to respect Mr. Prentice for taking a big risk, spending this much time with an increasingly hostile Suzuki and inviting Evan Soloman to document the whole thing. If nothing else it does prove a willingness on behalf of the government to go on camping trips with its detractors. Both sides here agree on the need to preserve rich wildlife habitat, but disagree that it will all be destroyed unless we all start taking the bus to work.

By the final sit down, Suzuki brought it back to the Kyoto Accord, though I will give him credit for being very civil about it. Prentice handled the entire trip very well.


  1. How much Pot did Suzuki smoke on this trip and did the government pay for it.

  2. Prentice is a green kook.

    It's no surprise that they'd get along. I'd guess that what's his face was passing on secret instructions to Prentice.

  3. Too bad, Prentice used to be a contender! Too many blows to the head I guess.

  4. Conservatives have become another party of panderers. I lost respect for Prentice ages ago. He's a lightweight, typically unprincipled politician.

  5. The truly amazing part was that Suzuki got off his high horse, said environuts needed to take a different, non-combative approach with the Harper govt.
    I guess he isn't holding out much hope in Lizzy May getting that Min of Enviro position anytime soon.

    In other enviro news,
    Stelach came thru!
    After coming to Alberta, new US legislation to be tabled "Oilsands Energy Security Act"

    Watching him battle the antiOilsands jihads has been torture, even to the point of wanting a Danny Williams evil twin to rise from a tailings pond!

    ''...While still in its early stages, the arrival of the "Oilsands Energy Security Act" should be seen as a vindication of Premier Ed Stelmach's strategy of promoting the oilsands message with key U.S. policy-makers, said Gary Mar, Alberta's top official at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C....''

    Read more:

  6. I have to agree with Iceman and wilson.
    I totally thought it was going to be a pile on from Soloman and Suzuki, but in the end, to hear Suzuki utter the words that it should be dialogue and not angry, rage and hate filled protests that get the government on side in the environmental side of things was an absolute shocker. And Prentice made a pretty good point that while the environment is important (because without it, we'd all be dead), finance, justice, healthcare, etc. are also important. It can't always just be about one thing.
    Anyway, enough from me tonight.

  7. Where are the wild bears when you need them ?.