Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CBC Glee

It appeared from watching CBC Newsworld today that somebody slipped a healthy dose of Prozac into the public broadcaster's morning coffee. Carole MacNeil could barely contain her excitement as she reported on Canada being evicted from Camp Mirage and being denied a seat on the Security Council. MacNeil frequently repeated that this was the first time since the birth of the United Nations that we have failed to win a rotational seat, which she spoke with a smile on her face and a glow in her eyes. I have not seen the collective on air staff this excited since prorogation protest day back in January.

Hindsight being 20/20, given the selection process we should never have expected the SC seat. Staging a popularity contest with the general assembly severely complicated matters. Canada's strong support of Israel the past few years has no doubt influenced the plurality of Muslim votes who use the United Nations as a tool to publicly condemn the Jewish nation. Also the African delegation was apparently upset that Canada gives aid to fewer African nations than it previously had, so instead they chose Portugal, one of the largest exporters of slaves from Africa to the new world for 300 years? Good choice Africa. Furthermore our opposition to climate change laws and the global redistribution of wealth is another alleged cause of the denial. So be it, if supporting Israel and rejecting climate change means that we can never again sit on the Security Council, I’m okay with that.


  1. On the other hand, Evan Solomon, on Power & Politics, could not resist playing and replaying Ignatieff's quotes about the security council issue. Darn, when will the CBC make up its mind?

    By the way, your poll should allow for more than one reason as to why Canada didn't get the seat.

  2. Way to go Iggy.The liberals are finished as far as im concerned for a very long time.Canada takes a principled stand against left wing kooks and dictators and the UN shrugs.So be it.We are leaving Afghanistan as this govt has said in 2011.Let the UN get their troops from China,Portugal or Russia to maintain control in Afghanistan.

    Furthermore stop immigration from the arab world.We dont need any wanna be terrorists coming here to further the cause of jihad in our country.Enough is enough.


  3. How many times in the history of the UN was a vote required? From what I've read from another blog comment, Canada was handed the seat the last 2 times without requiring a vote.

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  5. When only 2 seats are up for grabs and only 2 countries eligible, and we get one of them, is that a win for liberals of the past.
    Cheers for Canada withdrawing rather than facing a final vote.
    And as has been reported, the reason libs were so popular and PMSH is not, is because they always supported every anti-Israel vote there was.
    Has Canada ever won a vote for this seat, I don't think so. If I recall the last time it was just reported that Canada will be appointed to take its turn.
    Why did Germany decide at almost the last minute to contest this seat. Could it be because the PM defeated the global bank tax that Germany campaigned for.
    And reading the history of those council members we do not need to have these friend in low places.
    And maybe this was the PM's effort to expose this useless organization.
    Maybe we should withhold all future dues.
    The cbc/coalition have failed to realize it will be ten years before Canada is eligible again, and it is Canada that lost, thanks iggy. Do these idiots think if the coalition wins an election that the UN will give Canada a seat, no, we have to wait 10 yrs.