Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harper's Got Mail?

Well isn't this convenient, the Canadian Press did an Access to Information request for e-mails that the Prime Minister received in the early days of Censusgate from people claiming to be Conservatives threatening to withdraw their support for the Party if the long form census was made voluntary. The names attached to the e-mails were not released; we are just supposed to accept at face value that these are Conservative supporters revolting over the census. I can say that as a Tory blogger, I have seen hundreds of comments from people (mostly in Toronto) who claim to be Conservative supporters and make outrageous statements. Are these the same "Conservative supporters" who e-mailed their census complaints to the Prime Minister? We will never know because their names are blocked, but their e-mails remain.


  1. Then again who is to say that if the names are released that they are genuine.

  2. Why would it be unusual a change in government policy might invoke an irrational response by a few hundred people? When slaves were emancipated, some of them protested and feared the change.

    Has this policy change been clearly understood and communicated in the media? No.

    Do we see a national narrative by the opposition, MSM framing almost everything done by this government as nefarious and destructive to the well being of state?

    The policy change from my point of view is to give rise to the individual's interest from the subordination of the interest of the state.

    Is the state or the individual supreme?

    Some people have been convinced the government must coerce with threats of fines to obtain the information from its citizens.

    This government believes it does NOT have to resort to threats and fines to collect the information and or the act in itself is unethical.

    It is interesting how many are misinformed in thinking the use coercion to protect their state is ethical.

  3. Right on, C.Sense! Never ceases to amaze me how many Canadians would live comfortably in the former Soviet Union.

  4. So the filth bag Toronto media is wasting taxpayer’s money via this Access To Information request for no other reason the manufacturing of this lame propaganda!

    My guess is that these emails were sent by the very same Journo-List creeps. Nothing that these scoundrels say or do can be taken at face value.

    All of this is done in the service of the freeloading corporate and bureaucratic whores who own the Liberal and NDP.

  5. It's surprising the number who still think the long form is being dropped and want it brought back. Just shows how ignorant some people are and even more stupid with their comments. ( see Berniers blog)