Monday, October 18, 2010

"Devastating" For Harper?

I happened to catch the pundit's panel on CTV's Question Period Sunday, which could hardly be called "balanced" with Taber, Oliver, Travers, and Galloway. When discussing Canada's failed bid for a seat on the UN's Security Council, the panelists kept repeating the word "devastating" when discussing the effect on the government. Travers even went on to say that people had been confusing the inept General Assembly with the prestigious Security Council, but did not mention that the General Assembly elects the temporary members of the Security Council. As per usual, Taber had a big smile on her face while talking about this "devastating" turn of events.

In other news, the latest polling numbers show the Tories with a significant lead over the Liberals. Jane, if this is "devastating", shouldn't it harm the government? To "devastate" after all is "to cause great destruction". We will see over the coming weeks if the polling numbers shift, but in the meantime, no great destruction has been done. As there is no evidence of “great destruction”, to call it devastating is a left leaning opinion that is a wee premature.


  1. Keeping Taber, Oliver Kady, CBC CTV, ETC ETC ETC are devasting; a destruction to our canada.

    I am not sure what really happened for Canada not be invited but it sure smells to high heaven.

    So the UNSC do not want us around so be it. In a way I am glad that we are not there.

    The UNSC are afraid that PM's government would demand respect for ISRAEL's existance, which many countries in the UNSC have no intentions of doing. Thank you God for the insight. No shame here.

  2. There is no fair and balanced reporting in Canadian MSM.
    Craig Oliver sounds more to the left than any journalist in Canada.

  3. A Bloc MP gave us the real reason we didn't get the seat, in QP today, it is because of the way the govt has treated Khdar. If he is right then it is the liberals fault as they ignored the baby boy for 4 yrs, while they had a majority. Shame on you libs for denying us that seat. Sarc off

  4. If PMSH was worried about the UN seat, an enhanced trade deal with Israel would not have been made public days before the vote.

    And PMSH would not have taken the position, publicly, that China should release their Nobel Peace prize winner from jail, again just a few days before the vote.

    Oh, and the United Arab Immirates wasn't given unfettered access to our commercial airline market, ah gee.

    It looked more like the govt did the dance with no desire to actually join the terrorist supporting, women stoning, dictators club.

    So on that, Fowler and Heinbecker, the UN wine sipping lapdogs with superiority complexes, are correct,
    Canada didn't kiss enough butt to win.
    Makes me proud!

  5. I watched a bit of "Power Play" today on CTV, with host Roger whats his name, and he actually suggested that the media are turning away from their usual "Conservative leanings" and attacking the Government more than the usual. What in the world is this idiot dipshit talking about? For Roger whats his name, or any other media whore of the Liberal/Separatist party to even suggest that they were, or are "pro Conservative" at any time, is laughably preposterous. How low will these delusional scumbags, and Liberal party lapdogs in the media go? The "devastating" lack of ethics within the MSM is disturbing.

  6. In regards to the poll question posted above on what Count Iggula would have done to get Canada a seat on the UNs "Security Council" my answer would have been "any, and all of the above." Thanks Iceman.

  7. If Obama and the US didn't already have a 'permanent' seat on the Council, does anyone actually believe they would be elected?