Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ignatieff Creepy, Not Trustworthy

The leader of the Liberal party wants to know why you don't like him, the subject of today's poll question. There are plenty of options to choose from, but thus far the early leaders are that he's creepy and not trustworthy. If you are a lefty who thinks he's too smart or want to blame his unpopularity on predecessor Stephane Dion, there are even voting options for you. If you think he too smart AND it is Dion's fault Canadians don't like him, you are allowed to select multiple options. There are many reasons not to like the man, like his uncanny resemblance to Count Chocula, his flip flopping on votes, his poor attendance for Parliamentary votes, or maybe you just think he is the personification of hyperbole gone wild.

So many options to choose from, so little time. Please share your opinion.


  1. I would have to say that he is missing something. I was talking to some Liberal supporters in a family gathering recently and they were saying that Iggy wasn't much better than Dion - if at all. They preferred Bob Rae.

    I don't think it's a matter of being smart or not. Can't put my finger on what it is though.

  2. putting my finger on it, would indicate that he is an overeducated, unprincipled fool, that truly reflects the Liberal thinking today - anything, any policy, to regain position at the trough, and to hell with the Canadian people

  3. He's just not qualified, while at the same time showing no respect for the one who is.

    when yah watch 'the guy' 'stink up the joint'...
    My take on what Iffy said.

    PMSH would NEVER say anything like that about anyone, let alone a sitting PM.

    Iffy would make a contraversial talk show host, at best.

  4. Iggy has absolutely no idea how basic economics work. Neither does Obama who stumbled up against Joe the Plumber who knows more. Neither does David Miller. Interestingly all 3 progressives- Iggy, Obama and Miller are from Harvard.

    What’s missing? Exposure to the real world and not being humble enough to acknowledge what they don’t know. Iggy can’t seem to prioritize, an academic doesn’t have to: “do you think it is easy to make priorities?” - Dion said. These academics posing as leaders quibble over a long form or a short form all summer while China opened a new utility every month. We’re screwed.


  5. He got off to a bad start due to inexperience, but beyond that Ignatief is simply terribly bad at faking that he cares about the ordinary citizen.

    Most politicians don't care either, but are able to fake it better.

    He would have been better off to sell himself to the citizenry as a smart prime minister who will govern on principles, and not suck up to special interests and substitute short term gains for long term solutions.

    Regarding what was mentioned above.... Bob Rae is the only federal Liberal politician we need to fear. I know my fellow conservatives laugh when they hear this, but I have said this ever since the Liberal leadership convention that gave us Dion.

    Wait and see, if we survive the next election and Igantieff is gone, Bob Rae will be a real challenge, unlike the last two hapless leaders.

  6. Ignatieff simply personifies everything Canada DOESN'T need in a Prime Minister; rich ,elite,foreign,woefully ignorant of economics,totally alien to Canadian culture.

    About the only thing he's qualified for is a teaching position at one of the many liberal universities,where he can spout his theories to a bored bunch of liberal arts students.


  7. Since the Liberal Party has moved so far left I don't think that Iggy is a real Liberal anyway.

    I say that by judging the first comment about Bob Rae who better represents todays Liberals which is very left.

    Perhaps Canadians watch too much American TV so do not know what a liberal is.

  8. The best way to neutralize Bob Rae is to encourage the NDP to poach left leaning Liberals away from the LPC and into the NDP.

    Why vote for Socialist Lite when you can have the real thing?

  9. The fact that Iggy agreed to come back to Canada to be "crowned" Prime Minister of Canada says a lot about him. When you are out of the country for 30 years, what -- apart from ego -- would motivate you to come back to the country you left to become actively involved in politics? I view it as shallow opportunism.

  10. I for one would feel much safer with Harper at the helm rather than Layton or Iggy