Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Omar Khadr Popular At Gitmo

According to testimony yesterday at Omar Khadr's sentencing hearing, the 24 year old Omar is quite popular among the world's most dangerous men in the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. Charles Adler is calling it "Welcome Back Khadr", and I strongly recommend visiting his site to listen to his rant. I have never spent any time among Jihadists, so far be it from me to speculate as to what it takes to gain popularity among terrorists, but Omar allegedly has. It is clear that his legal team is doing whatever they can to get him back on Canadian soil where it will be easier to have him freed. Our Supreme Court can't force the Americans to turn over a confessed war criminal, but I bet you that they can force him freed once he's back in Canada.

While I believe that Canada's corrections facilities are able to hold him, I believe that there is a very strong probability that Canadian courts will order he be freed shortly after arriving. There is a high probability that Omar Khadr is very dangerous.


  1. I am resigned to the fact that Khadr will be sprung within weeks after returning. What bothers me is his $10 M suit against Canada for abridging his Charter rights. Can anyone comment on the possibility of the government making the dropping of the suit part of the bargaining process.

  2. The POS should be charged with treason upon his return to Canada.

    Rob C