Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Liberal Youth

I have begun to notice an emerging trend in Liberal tactics that I find concerning. It may be that it has always been this way, but this is the first that I have become acutely aware of it. Between Ignatieff's school tour, and the CBC parading of young students as the roots of this Facebook prorogation protest movement; it is becoming more apparent that they are increasingly focusing on young people as their target audience. Whether older and wiser people are less likely to buy their snake oil, or young people are just the easiest converts, I don't know. I suspect that it is a little bit of both.

I was watching Evan Soloman interview this 18 year old kid who claims that all by himself with no external influence, he decided to organize a protest of Parliament Hill over a routine legislative procedure; who was on a panel with the kid who decided with no external influence to start the anti-prorogation Facebook group. Iggy has been going to schools to try and convert the young because the bulk of the adult population has largely rejected him as a viable Prime Ministerial candidate. In the interview Evan was repeatedly emphasizing their young age to present these stories as an uprising of our nation's apathetic youth. One of the biggest problems that the Liberal party has faced is that the people most likely to vote Liberal are the same people who care the least about voting.

I remember being an 18 year old male. I'm sure most men would agree, at that age you spend 80%-90% of your time thinking about getting laid. Young people can be phenomenally intelligent, but many of their higher brain functions are not fully developed. Life is similar to a career, the more time you spend doing it, the better you get at it (gymnastics notwithstanding). You need to get punked a few times before you learn how to adapt and read a pending punking before it unfolds. When I was 18, that Nostradamus scholar convinced me that 2/3 of the world's population was going to die in 1999 and 7 months. It never happened, and I became a skeptic. Then a few weeks ago I watched a documentary featuring the same clown telling me that the world would end in December of 2012. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, well you can't fool me twice.

I encourage young people to become more interested in the political process and the world around them, but when I see them taking leadership roles on constitutional matters, unlike Soloman I don't get excited. To me it just seems that as the left has increasingly ostracized itself from the adult community, they keep setting the limbo stick lower and lower in a desperate attempt to gain some sort of traction in any demographic and stop the bleeding. Seriously, Soloman is doing entire segments on a voluntary webpoll of Facebook visitors, and then Kady O'Malley cites it as a “study” in the same God damned segment! Then the kid who ran the poll and started the group begins breaking it down like he's Nanos, and how miraculously the results disprove all the misconceptions about the Facebook group. Thanks, but no thanks.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Some Liberal bloggers are really jazzed about the Liberal Youth movement....


  1. They will not vote though, they are too busy trying to get laid. Maybe they should start burning their bras, jock straps in protest, that would at least be funny.

    The youth of today are pampered little underachievers, they will sign up for any cause until they have to actually put money on the line. Let's see how fast they change their tune when they actually have to start paying taxes.

  2. This will all go away by the time the Olympics are over and Parliament is back in session.

    Much noise signifying nothing.

  3. Sorry, but what I'm seeing here is whistling in the dark.

    Iggy's talking to college kids, now, because he knows that when they hit their graduate year and start thinking about (a) their student loans and (b) their first job, they're going to want to see if the federal government can help out. And this is an area where Tories are more likely to shrug than to offer a hand.

    It's still vote campaigning, only not for this year but in the long term.

  4. This is all about voting on the Internet.
    If Internet voting were allowed to happen the Liberals would easily become the dynasty that they believe themselves to be.
    Elections Canada,as reported last summer by The Toronto Star (red flag going up),has already called for Internet voting and the CBC (another red flag) has reported on a poll in favour.
    People don't know it yet but the Liberals are setting the stage for domination in Canadian politics for many years to come.
    Talk about having a hidden agenda!

    A solid argument against Internet voting:

  5. Young people today are being moulded and marshalled by the left from the moment they enter the school system. My grade six daughter has been subjected to politically motivated thought control campaigns every year she has been in the public system. I try my best to offer alternative explanations for the present state of the human condition, but against the relentless numinous agenda it is a losing battle.
    The left has succeeded in removing context from lives of young people. They no longer learn the basics of Western culture or the important figures that have contributed to our way of life. Instead articles of faith are used to break their will to think. They are told that their way of life, while wonderful, has been built on the exploitation of other cultures, of the environment, of the poor, and they must atone.
    I asked my daughter to identify any of the great explorers that opened up our country – she could not. I asked her to name any of the wars that our country fought – she could not. I asked her to name any of the political leaders who would qualify as the Fathers of Confederation – she could not. In frustration my next question was ‘what do they teach you at school?’
    My daughters answer sent a shiver down my spine. The people she had learned about were all social activists. The culture of a mythical aboriginal nation was taught in minute detail. The tenets of recycling, anti-bullying, diversity, and avoiding “dangerous activities” could be recited verbatim. The Western concept of Reason had been replaced with a mysticism that I thought could only be found in a rabbit hole. I learned that her school was visited regularly by environmentalists and social councillors, but rarely by the heroes that build and defend Canada. (An anti-war themed Remembrance Day visit by veterans gave no arguments for a just war) The last straw for me came when my daughter described a field trip to a provincial park that housed an idyllic Indian village complete with professional Indians. With a straight face she was told that she must live in harmony with nature and that it was a legitimate activity to talk to plants. Oh boy!
    So now you can see why the Liberals would get a royal welcome from their young troops. They created a Moonie culture within our schools when we were not looking and now they expect to collect the benefits.

  6. Yesterday, on CHQR radio, Rob Breakenridge was interviewing the guy from Calgary, Scott Payne, who is organizing the rally here. Here's part of the conversation @ 8:15 PM:

    Rob: "Why are YOU upset ? What are you hearing from OTHERS who are upset, about this [prorogue] decision ?"

    Scott: I'm upset primarily around the Afhan detainee situation. That's how I became involved in this issue. Watching what was happening with this government on Nov. 16th, when Richard Colvin came and gave some testimony to the special Committee of the House of Commons. That's how I became involved ..."

    So, is this guy an anti-war protestor ? Kind of sounds like it. No problem with someone being anti-war. But shouldn't he be up front about it, and say to the fellow protestors: "I'm against this gov'ts handling of the detainee issue. If you are too, or have other complaints, then join me in this anti-prorogue rally, blah blah." ?

    Anyway, it could be that Libs are tapping into the anti-war element of students. Who knows. There's obviously a lot of dis-ingenousness going on around this whole protest, hidden agendas, backroom organizers and the like. And just as obviously, the msm won't pursue that angle.

    Calgary Junkie


  7. The youth vote are the Dippers, Greens and BLOC base, according to some polsters.

    Even tho it is our guy taking a beating,
    it is really exciting to see Canadians flex their muscle, realizing that 'they' are the boss.

    Hopefully ''taxpayers'' will look south and see what a youth movement of hopey changey really brings,
    governing from within the Enchanted Forest will create economic disaster.

    Time to bring in REFERENDUMS,
    harness this energy and give Canadians a real voice.

  8. When I was 14 I went to rallys as a Liberal youth swept by Trudeaumania. Then Trudeau got elected and shortly afterward brought in closure to Parliament to ram something through. I tore up my Liberal membership card.

    I also started reading Lubor Zink in the Toronto Sun who was an ex-Czechoslovakian who hated Communism (the Prague spring was crushed by Soviet tanks) and pointed out that Trudeau loved Mao and Castro.

    Anyway it was fun being a Conservative during the hippie times when everyone was a leftist.

  9. Why not start a piece. RE-EDUCATING THE YOUTH'
    I don't think that most of these students who are and have to be completely brainwashed before implimenting ideas that might hurt them in future.
    One day when these people leave school into a world of darkness and light will shake them to the very core. Some of them who thought all along that LAYTON who wanted to tax big businesses and 'oilsands' so that the money these businesses make instead of furthering exspansion to more businesses for more jobs-are instead in the Socialistic mentality of LAYTON'S, have to spread the company/ies income to the little guy who has no intentions of working.

    I wonder Iceman, if you have to ask a student after years of studying and now in work force one day forms a business which increase in wealth and size after years of blood sweat and tears and everyday at work now has to turn around to give his or her portion of the company's wealth to some guy who does not want to work nor has any intentions of doing so because according to what this lazy heard from LAYTON 'Tax the wealthy the big businesses to feed the little lazy guy."
    Will this student do as LAYTON SAYS or would she follow the conservative prime minister to further expand her business creating jobs.

  10. Though the middle paragraph of this blog post was drivel, I'm glad you brought this up non the less...

    I became aware of the trend when Dion became LPC.

    The "greens" started out way ahead of them in this regard (ages ago) but there is plenty that can be said on the topic of Canada's Watermelon Party but not limited to such fairly recent stunts.

    People used to say patriotism was the refuge of scoundrels or some such. Well I say that they were wrong and that it is the appeal to naive youth that better fits that description.

    Students eager for a "cause", anything to "feel" included in something or "important". And I suppose for some their agenda is to get "laid" as you put it.

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